Kenwood NX-3820E

You pay £375.00 (excl VAT)
  • Features Include

    • UHF
    • Analogue and digital dual mode
    • Bluetooth
    • GPS
    • Active Noise Reduction
  • Standard Package Contains

    • Mobile Radio
    • Power Cable
    • Fist Mic
    • User Guide
Weight (grams) 1200
Power Output (watts) 25
Frequency (Mhz) UHF 400-470
Number of Channels 512
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More information

The NX-3820E is a vehicle mobile radio in Kenwood’s high performance Nexedge range. Boasting the same set of advanced features as Nexedge two way radio handsets, the NX-3820E also benefits from multiple modes of operation for outstanding flexibility.

Able to operate in analogue and digital modes simultaneously, the NX-3820E makes an ideal mobile control base for mixed fleets and is therefore a great option for digital migration. While older analogue devices are being updated gradually to digital, the NX-3820E can keep communicating with all types of two way radio in the fleet.

In addition, the NX-3820E supports two different digital protocols, DMR and NXDN. In DMR mode, the industry standard, users have access to features such as call interrupt and dual slot direct mode, which doubles the number of channels from the 512 available as standard. NXDN also allows users to scale up to large, high capacity networks through Type-C and Gen2 trunking.

The NX3820E is a UHF vehicle radio, operating at ultra high frequencies between 400-470 MHz. UHF frequencies are well suited to use in built-up urban environments as the shorter frequencies can cope better with obstacles, making the NX3820E perfect for security patrols in cities or town centres.

The NX3820E features a four-line display which can be used to view text messages sent from digital handsets. It includes a seven-colour LED indicator which shows current mode and functions, and has a port for connecting an external speaker as well as its own in-built cone.

For ease of use, the NX3820E comes with integrated Bluetooth for connecting hands-free devices, so the radio can still be used even when someone is driving. Another highly useful feature is GPS tracking, which means that even when the vehicle is in transit, its location can be monitored to help with work coordination across a large area.

Like all Nexedge devices, the NX-3720E comes loaded with Kenwood’s trademark Active Noise Reduction (ANR) technology. By digitally removing background noise to leave only voice in transmission, ANR ensures outstanding audio clarity even when used in loud, noisy environments.

Other software features include DES and AES encryption, which means communications are kept secure by preventing eavesdropping. Kenwood also provides the option of software license certification, allowing users to customise the features available by programming their own.

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