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Lugra Evoke

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  • Features

    • Robust
    • Lightweight
    • Excellent Audio Quality

    • Radio
    • Lithium Ion Battery
    • Single Charger
    • Belt Clip
    • User Guide
Radio TypeLicensed Radio
Weight (grams)219
Range (km)3
Power Output (watts)4
Frequency (Mhz)VHF: 136-174 UHF: 400-520
Number of Channels16
Battery TypeLithium Ion
Battery Life (hours)12

More information

Designed for simplicity and versatility, the Lugra Evoke is an affordable analogue two-way radio offering dependable communication at excellent value. With business-class performance credentials, the Evoke is a popular entry point to two-way radio amongst professionals working in facilities management, in factories, warehouses and other industrial settings, or on college and university campuses.

With intuitive, easy-to-grasp controls, the Evoke requires no prior experience with two-way radio to get started and makes a great choice for novice users. Programmable buttons mean that core functions such as selecting a specified channel for a particular workgroup can be pre-set, simplifying operations even further. A tri-colour LED light means that users can see the status of their handset at a glance.

The Lugra Evoke is built for convenience and durability in all work environments. When you are on your feet all day, the last thing you want is to be carrying around weighty, chunky equipment that gets in the way as you try to go about your business. The Evoke is a lightweight and compact unit, weighing in at a shade over 200g and with a stubby antenna which reduces the risk of snagging it on clothing or objects.

As well as being scratch and scuff-resistant, the specially designed textured case makes handling the Evoke digital radio more comfortable and secure, reducing the risk of accidentally dropping it, especially when working outdoors in the rain. It is also rated to the IP54 protection standard, meaning that there is no risk of damage using it in wet conditions, nor in dusty environments either.

When you choose a two-way radio for your workplace, you want to be confident of complete reliability at all times. The Lugra Evoke digital radio defies its low cost with excellent audio quality, delivering crisp, clean radio communication at all times which cuts through background noise. It also comfortably delivers 12 hours of operation on a single charge, meaning you won’t have to worry about losing power during a standard shift.

The Evoke is built to be compatible with all analogue radio standards, meaning it will communicate with any existing analogue handsets you are already using. In a further sign of its versatility, it operates on both the UHF and VHF frequency bands and is therefore well suited both to use outdoors in wide open spaces, and indoors where higher frequency transmissions are more effective at coping with obstacles.

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will ensure you get the exact two-way radio solutions for your needs.

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