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Motorola CLP446e

You pay £175.00 (excl VAT)
  • Features Include

    • Unique, compact design
    • Menu audio announcement
    • Status LED
    • Large PTT button
    • 16 channels
    • Lightweight
    • Internal antenna
  • Standard Package contains

    • Radio
    • Swivel Earpiece
    • Single Charger
    • Belt Clip Holder
    • User Guide
    • Single Charger
Weight (grams)95
Range (km)1
Power Output (watts)1
Frequency (Mhz)446
Number of Channels16
Battery TypeLithium Ion
Battery Life (hours)20

More information

The Motorola CLP446e is one of the most striking two way radios we stock, with a sleek, stylish, ultra-compact design that makes it ideal for discreet use in the retail, hospitality and leisure industries. CLP stands for ‘comfortable, lightweight, portable’, which provides a good summary of its advantages. The unit even has an antimicrobial coating, making it resistant to mould and germs that may otherwise grow on the surface.

An unlicensed business two way radio, the CLP446e is an inexpensive yet capable solution that combines durability and simplicity. Motorola claims that this two-way radio is 40% smaller than competing two way radios, and 50% lighter, at just 95g (including battery). An embedded antenna means it can be worn higher on the body than other walkie-talkies, and a magnetic clip means it can be attached and removed very quickly.

A 2.5mm jack means you can use a wired earpiece or headset and VOX voice activation allows you to operate the CLP446 hands free.

The Smart Status Glow Ring around the PTT button can glow up to 8 colours to indicate active channel, if the radio is transmitting or receiving, volume level, whether the radio is on mute, as well as the current battery status.

The large central push-to-talk button makes CLP easy to operate when on the move thanks to the raised pattern around the edge. A long press of the on/off switch triggers an audio announcement of the battery level. The li-ion battery is rechargeable and operates for up to 20 hours. All of the extra functionality is accessed via a single programmable button on the top.

The CLP446e operates on 16 channels and it has a speaker output of 0.5W for clear audio.

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