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Motorola TLKR Twin Charger Pod – 00631

You pay £16.00(excl VAT)
Fits Radio:TLKR T60, T80 and T80 Extreme

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Motorola TLKR Dual Radio Charger Product Description

A twin charger kit for Motorola TLKR T60, T80 and T80 Extreme two-way radios. This genuine Motorola product comes direct from the manufacturer with an AC adapter and choice of plug for either EU or UK power supply. With two charging slots, the 00631 is the ideal accessory for Motorola TLKR T60 Twin Pack radios, giving you the flexibility charge both handsets simultaneously for added convenience.

Additional Information

For compatible charging pods and docks for other two way radios, please visit our charger category page. We have a large product selection available including chargers for the latest radio models. If you can’t find what you are looking for or have a question to ask, please contact us directly and we’d be delighted to provide you with all the information you need.

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