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Motorola R2 (Analogue)

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  • Features Include

    • Digital and analogue dual mode
    • SINC+ noise cancellation
    • Selectable audio profiles
    • Ergonomic, lightweight design
    • Extended battery life
    • IP55 and MIL-STD 810 rated

    • Radio
    • Lithium Ion Battery
    • Antenna
    • Belt Clip
    • Single Charger
    • User Guide
Weight (grams)261
Power Output (watts)4-5
Frequency (Mhz)UHF 400-480, VHF 136-174
Number of Channels64
Battery TypeLithium Ion
Battery Life (hours)17 - 22.5

More information

Analogue option of Motorola’s new R2 Series.

Motorola describes its latest R2 two way radio simply as “a next-level workhorse”. And that tells you all the most important things you need to know about this model – reliable, high-performing, durable and built to make your life easier.

A dual digital-analogue hybrid radio, the R2 is a genuine all-rounder that can slot seamlessly into any two way radio fleet in any environment. As a standard no-screen model, it is built for simplicity, with straightforward, intuitive controls and an ergonomic, lightweight design that makes handling on the move easy.

Little touches like a curved push-to-talk (PTT) button with a large, easy to access ‘sweet spot’ show the level of detail that has gone into the user-friendly design. A lightweight, compact build ensures the R2 won’t become a burden even on the longest shifts. In part thanks to a specially engineered slimline battery, the unit weighs just 261g.

Small stature doesn’t mean the R2 sacrifices anything in durability and longevity, though. For a start, that slimline battery still boasts impressive capacity, and will power the R2 for 22.5 hours on a single charge in digital mode. Moreover, that battery life won’t start to degrade once you have been using it day in, day out for a year or two. The model passes a rigorous Accelerated Life Testing program (ALT), which stimulates up to 5 years of field use.

That longevity applies wherever the R2 is used. Designed with use outdoors in poor weather, humid factories and on dusty construction sites in mind, the R7 is rated IP55 for dust and water resistance, and also meets the Mil-Std-810 standard which covers various other environmental conditions like high and low temperatures, shock, vibration, humidity etc.

Arguably the most important kind of resilience two way radio users need from their handsets is how well audio cuts through, even in noisy environments. Poor quality, muffled audio and lots of interference in the signal is a major barrier to effective, efficient communication in the workplace.

The R2 deals with this thanks to Motorola’s SINC+ noise cancellation, a digital algorithm that identifies and removes unwanted background noise. With selectable audio profiles, you can also adjust the amplification of low, middle and high frequencies to suit the environment and individual listening preferences.

As with audio quality, poor signal range is another major barrier to effective two way radio performance. The R2 also has this covered. High receiver sensitivity and a high efficiency antenna deliver reliable signal and clear audio over long distances.

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