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Motorola R7 UHF Stubby Antenna  – PMAE4070A

You pay £8.00 (excl VAT)
Fits Radio:R7
Frequency:UHF 440-490MHz

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Motorola Radio UHF Stubby Antenna

A UHF Stubby Antenna for Motorola R7 Two Way Radios

Product Description

The Motorola PMAE4070A is a sturdy short antenna that covers the frequency range 440-490MHzin the UHF frequency range.

Motorola UHF antennas for handheld radios are constructed using one-piece finish with a steel core for optimal RF power. The stubby design makes these antennas comfortable and unobtrusive in radios worn on the belt, and avoids snagging to ensure a longer lifespan.

Technical Specification

  • Frequency Band: UHF 440-490MHz
  • Height: 88.9mm
  • Style: Stubby




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