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Motorola VB400 Bodycam

You pay £417.00 (excl VAT)
  • Features Include

    • 1080P HD video recording
    • Long battery life
    • Compact, slim & lightweight
    • Pre- and post-record data for context
    • Peer-assisted recording for multiple viewpoints
    • GPS location tracking
    • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
    • Encryption for secure storage
    • IP67 waterproof

    • Body Worn Camera
    • Camera Mount Option
    • USB Cable
    • User Guide
Dimensions (mm)68 x 89 x 26.6
Weight (grams)162
Video Resolution1920 x 1080p, 1280 x 720p and 640 x 360p
Storage Capacity64GB
Battery TypeLithium Polymer
Battery Life (Continuous Video Recording)>12 Hours
Charging Time< 8 Hours

More information

The Motorola VB400 is a next-generation body-worn camera designed specifically for personnel working in security and policing. Compact, easy to use and flexible, the VB400 allows the capture of high-quality video at speed, helping to keep operatives safe and providing robust evidence on demand.

One of the first rules of first-person video capture is convenience. Far from being a clunky, awkward unit that gets in the way, the Motorola VB400 is slim, lightweight and ergonomically designed. It comes with a range of mounting options so it can easily attach to any uniform in a variety of ways. Intuitive controls mean the camera can be easily operated at speed at the most critical moments.

Despite its compact build, the VB400 is built to withstand the rigours of long shifts out on the beat in all conditions. Its rugged build quality is complemented by an IP67 rating for water and dust ingress. That means it is capable of withstanding full submersion in water, so rain and other inclement weather poses no problem for this tough little device.

Equally important is knowing that your device is going to work as hard as you do. The integrated lithium polymer battery delivers up to 12 hours’ recording time for reliable shift-long performance.

As for video capture, the VB400 records in 1080p high definition for clear visual quality. It comes with 64GB on-device storage, which can hold roughly five hours of video. When connected to Wi-Fi, it can stream video, although at a lower resolution.

Aside from pressing the record button, the VB400 also comes with several other trigger options. One is peer-assisted recording, which automatically starts recording when other VB400 body-worn cameras are detected in range. This ensures that if several colleagues attend the same incident, video is captured from multiple viewpoints to provide a more comprehensive record of events.

Another option specific to law enforcement is that the VB400 can be triggered to record whenever a firearm is drawn out of a holster.

Other features include pre- and post-record, which captures video 30 seconds before and after recording is triggered. This serves to add additional context to recordings, and helps to avoid delays in capturing important evidence or cutting off recording prematurely. A Bookmarking feature allows users to flag important footage in the moment via a dedicated button.

The VB400 also captures audio via dual integrated microphones. Audio recording can be switched off.

For evidential purposes, maintaining the integrity of captured video is important. The VB400 automatically encrypts all video for downloading. Users cannot access, edit or delete recordings on the device, and there is no access to storage media. When connected via Wi-Fi or plugged in via a USB cable, nothing can be uploaded to it.

Just as important is the safety of the people wearing body-worn cameras, who often face challenging and potentially dangerous situations. The VB400 comes with GPS location tracking as standard so their position can be monitored at all times, and speeding up the response if an emergency occurs.

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