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Telox M5

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To purchase these radios you will require an Ofcom Licence – read more about licences here or contact our team today on 01245 403520.
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You pay £340.00 (excl VAT)
Subscription and Sim Card
bought at additional cost
  • Features Include

    • Seamless Connectivity
    • High-Sensitive Antenna
    • Deicated Map Button
    • Crystal Clear Audio
    • Multiple Location Service

    • Device
    • Fist Microphone
    • 2 Antennas
    • Power Lead
Dimensions169 x 59 x 22 mm with Antenna
Display4.0” IPS Touch Screen
Number of ChannelsUnlimited

More information

The M5 is a fixed mobile vehicle radio with a difference. Instead of operating on VHF radio frequencies, the M5 is a smart LTE device which, courtesy of a Lugra SIM card, connects to mobile networks.

The difference? Seamless, reliable connectivity wherever you travel, without worrying about signal range or geographical limits. This freedom and flexibility makes the M5 the perfect option for modern public transport operatives, private hire firms, first responders, road freight and haulage, and more.

The M5 has the familiar look and feel of traditional vehicle radios. The dash unit features two high-sensitivity antennas for optimum transmission and reception efficiency, because even 4G networks have their ups and downs in signal quality.

For voice calls, the M5 is operated via a fist microphone with a built-in push-to-talk button. For audio reception, the main unit features a 2W speaker controllable via a prominent volume knob. Other features are accessed on the main unit via four programmable buttons, or on the 4.0” IPS touchscreen.

But beyond those familiar features, the M5 is a cutting-edge multimedia device that makes use of the very best of digital and mobile technology. Built around the Android OS, you can install your choice of apps as you would your smartphone to add and extend functionality.

The M5 also boasts an integrated 2MP HD camera. A useful security and telematics feature, the rear-mounted camera acts as a dash cam to capture and stream video from the driver’s perspective out the front windscreen, providing valuable evidence in the events of accidents and helping to keep the driver and vehicle occupants safe.

Speaking of which, the M5 also features a dedicated one-touch SOS button, which triggers an alert to other operatives on the network and back to the base station. It also includes a range of built-in sensors such as an Acceleration Sensor, Gyroscrope and Compass.

Along with an in-built compass to aid navigation the M5 also supports multiple satellite location services using the GPS, GLONASS and AGPS systems. Not only does this help with fleet tracking, it also powers one of the apps the unit is pre-loaded with, a map app. This can be accessed at a touch via a dedicated Map button.

* Subject to internet connection

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