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Your mobile phone can replace your radio

Turn your smartphone into a professional radio communication device and easily connect to other users around the world.

Use your mobile phone as a radio

With the release of the latest communication technology, you can now turn your Android, iOS or Windows smartphone into a professional two way radio in no more than 2 minutes. You can get the advantages of simple Push-To-Talk communications, as well as making use of all the features that your mobile phone has to offer. Faster than speaking to someone online, you have the ability to reach an individual or an group of people at once anywhere in the world – with a single press of a button.

Smart and Easy

With its intuitive guidance, you can activate each function in no more than three simple steps. This means you can take advantage of this new Push-To-Talk communications straightaway without the need for time-consuming training or set up.


Profit from all the functions a professional two way radio can offer as well as making use of your mobile phones existing features.

Secure and Flexible

Secure logins and encryption technology always protects the user from any outside interference. You can also review any activity from the past by accessing all the recorded voice, data and GPS information.

Worldwide and Anytime

You’re accessible worldwide in any conditions or environment, through IP connectivity (2G, 3G, 4G or WiFi). The highest technology standards ensure secure and ultra-quality communications at all times.

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Tassta Intro


Individual and Group Call

Supports one-to-one calls, as well as letting you talk to a group of users at the touch of a button.

Priority Call

High priority users can interrupt calls with important information.


Texts, predefined status messages, and data files can be sent to groups or individuals.

Emergency Message

Any member can send an emergency text to their team using a defined alarm button ensuring the safety of your workforce..

Voice Recording

Record single and group calls so you can recall times and information, plus replay conversations; ideal for training or compliance .


Map Tracking (GPS)

Traces and records the position of phone users on a map. Their location coordinates can be shared by all group members.

Automatic ‘Man Down’ Alert

When the phone detects the user in a horizontal position for a defined period of time, an automatic alert message, including the GPS coordinates, will be sent to the group.


Job Ticketing

Order Managment software allows managers to assign tasks to users via text messaging; offering live onscreen updates.


Displays an overview of your received, made, and missed calls. It also collects a caller’s user name or group, duration of call, and called time.

Remote Access

A dispatcher can access the microphone or camera of another user, so he can observe their situation or location in an emergency.

External PTT Devices

You can configure the PTT button to control its operation using a foot pedal, headset, keyboard, or touch screen giving the user a personalised system to suit their needs.

Who can use Push to Talk over mobile phones?

Anyone who currently uses a radio can use this new technology. Simply download the App, (available for Andriod, iOS and Windows phones),complete a few quick setup tasks and off you go!

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