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Lugra PTT Benefits

Benefits of Lugra PTT

Lugra PTT replicates all of the features of your two way radio on your existing mobile phone or tablet. It uses IP connectivity to send data between devices, and it uses complex algorithms and encryption to ensure reliable, secure low bandwidth transmission.

Lugra PTT differs from a two way radio in terms of its potential reach. It uses your smartphone’s 2G, 3G, 4G or WiFi connection to send data, so there is no range limit providing you have a connection to the internet. An operator can talk to others in the same room, or on another continent, with equal efficiency and speed.

We offer versions of the app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. Every user gets a predefined login that enhances the security of the app. Logins, groups and functionality are controlled in the desktop application and server console.

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Individual and Group Calling

Group and individual calls give you the flexibility of private or team conversations. Let your staff make announcements to everybody at once with a ‘one to many’ broadcast, or use a private channel to discuss sensitive information to another user directly.

Lugra PTT lets you assign users to different priority groups. In an urgent situation, users with a high priority will be permitted to interrupt users with a lower priority to broadcast critical messages.

Lugra PTT Group Calling

Text and Voice Messaging

Lugra PTT offers convenient text messaging tools, similar to SMS texting. Text messaging is very useful for quiet locations where users may not be able to speak into their device. Text messages can be sent to individual users, or to a pre-defined group. You can even set up pre-defined text messages to make it easier for users to send the same message multiple times.

The Lugra PTT app also lets users send voice recordings to each other, similar to voicemail messages.

Lugra PTT Voice Messaging

GPS and Location Tracking

The Lugra PTT mobile app captures the GPS location of each user, so you can always see where they are, anywhere in the world. This information helps to keep track of everyone during day-to-day work, and it’s essential in an emergency when users may not have time to communicate their location.

GPS location data is securely encrypted and stored on your Lugra PTT server, and it can be accessed in real time from the dispatcher application.

Lugra PTT Location Tracking

File Transfer

Using Lugra PTT, your users can send files to each other, including photos, videos and audio recordings. Users simply attach a file to a text message to a contact, then send it over your network.

By using messaging groups, the same file can be sent to multiple users simultaneously, speeding up distribution time and helping users share information fast.

Lugra PTT - File Trannsfer

Call Recording

Lugra PTT automatically stores call conversations and voice recordings on your server, so you can review them at any time.

Call recordings are useful for training, and may be required for compliance purposes. You may also need to access calls in a post-emergency investigation. Lugra PTT offers unlimited capacity for voice recordings, although you can set limits if you wish to control how much server space is used.

Lugra PTT Call Recording

Man Down Alert

The Lugra PTT app constantly measures the position of the user’s device. If it is laid horizontally for more than a few seconds, the Man Down mode will trigger. A text message will be sent to the rest of the team, alerting them that a user maybe in danger.

The user’s GPS coordinates are sent to the group to aid swift location and assistance. Any user in the group can switch on the user’s camera and microphone to see what is happening around them before they approach.

Lugra PTT Man Down Alert

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