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Connecting Mobile to Radio

Connecting Mobile to Radio

Lugra PTT has a built in option that lets you put your existing network to use. Using this option, you can connect your Lugra PTT users to your radio users, or connect two different radio networks together, using Lugra PTT as the ‘glue’ that sits between them.

This gives you the ability to use the mobile app alongside radios, or join separate radio networks that are currently unable to talk to each other. You can also use it to add features like call recording to an existing radio network.

This function enables push-to-talk communication and group calls between multiple users, with one person speaking at once. Lugra PTT also lets your users send texts and files to each other. All activities can be duplicated via text, or email, so your users need never miss a message.

If you have users in different locations, use this option to link them together, bringing different sites into close communication and making the most of the equipment you already have. You can effectively upgrade your system and massively expand radio coverage, without forcing your radio users to change the way they work.

This function can be used across different standards and platforms, and using different combinations of manufacturer hardware. It is reliable enough for business critical use, yet affordable enough for most small business purposes. There are no base stations to purchase, and no repeaters to run.

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