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TASSTA Desktop Application

Desktop Application

Lugra PTT’s desktop application lets you coordinate users’ activities and keep track of where everyone is located.

The desktop application is built using the mobile app as its foundation, and adds additional features that provide an overview of your network status at any time.

Using the desktop application, operators can make calls, send files and see GPS live locations, just as they would with the mobile app for smartphones. All communications are encrypted so your conversations and data are secure.

Building on those foundations, the desktop app adds the following tools:

  • A contact book, so you can quickly get hold of any user
  • Mapping tools to interpret GPS data
  • Geofencing, which can alert the operator when users enter or exit a particular area

The desktop application can be used over any internet connection, from dial-up speed through to gigabit LAN connections. That makes it ideal for deployment at a fixed office, or by telephone line at a temporary client site.

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TASSTA - Desktop Application

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