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Management Tools
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Turn your smartphone into a professional radio communication device and easily connect to other users around the world.

Management Tools

All of your Lugra PTT accounts are managed in the system administration console. This console also provides complete control for the server and the system features that govern how your network will function.

From your admin console, you can decide

  • Which features will be rolled out to users the next time they log on
  • Switch functions on and off, depending on your users’ needs
  • Manage the amount of data that is being transmitted

Administrators can also manage user accounts, assigning passwords and nicknames to the operators in your network. Users can be assigned to groups according to any criteria that you choose (for example, you could group by role, responsibilities or location).

Using the server admin panel, you can also decide which users should have priority over others. Once a user has priority status, they will be able to interrupt group or private conversations to relay important information in an emergency.

The server administration console is backed by comprehensive support from our team. We’ll help you to get up and running so that your users can get on with their work.

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Management Tools

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