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Radio Communications Supplied To East Norfolk Sixth Form College

The East Norfolk Sixth Form College, based in Great Yarmouth, needed to upgrade their analogue two way radios to make their daily operation slicker, and improve health and safety.

By upgrading to new digital radio technology, the staff would be able to communicate seamlessly across the whole campus in this frenetic, noisy environment. The college requested that senior staff used display radios, which offer more call options and show vital information in critical situations. They also wanted staff to have the ability to call for assistance in the blink of an eye.

Apart from academic pursuits, the college organises many extra-curricular activities, including sport. As most of these take part outdoors, the college insisted the handheld radios were durable and weather-proof.


Brentwood carried out its customary tests and trials throughout the extensive plot. The engineers chose Hytera digital radios – PD705 and PD785(with display) – which met the strict criteria; plus a Hytera RD98X repeater. This unit boosts the signal to ensure perfect coverage across the site’s buildings and grounds.

These two way radios are robust, tough and water-resistant – suitable for the rough and tumble of college life both indoors and outdoors. Their precise audio clarity ensures users avoid missing crucial messages in all situations. They also offer operational advantages like chunky buttons that are simple to use, even when wearing gloves; plus extended battery life (40% extra), which means more power for those long shifts. In addition to this, the tri-colour indicator provides status feedback, while the PD785 displays its information on a high-definition, LED, colour screen (even in bright sunlight).

Senior staff can select both individuals and user groups on their display, and talk to them privately at the touch of a button. They can also identify any radio user who activates their Emergency button when distressed. The moment senior staff receive an alarm, they can swiftly respond by broadcasting where the emergency has occurred.

No matter where employees receive calls, the intelligent audio adjusts the volume automatically to compensate for any background noise. Whenever they have to make calls in such conditions, the technology neutralises the extreme sounds so that every word can be heard clearly.

The college also has the option for Brentwood to install a GPS system on these radios. That means if an employee needs help, other staff will know immediately where they are located on-site.

If your school or college requires two-way radios to improve the communications of your large site – please give us a call on 01245 403520 to discuss your needs.

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