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Brentwood Communications are an accredited Motorola Platinum Partner, providing a broad range of two way radios for business and leisure either for purchase or hire. We offer various licensed Motorola radios, including the DP1400, DP4400e and CLK446 plus. You can also choose from our Motorola unlicensed radios, such as XT420 and CLP 446 which are easy to use and offer excellent audio quality and the flexibility to communicate in a range of environments.

As one of the top-performing brands, Motorola two way radios come with a 12 or 24-month warranty to support their high-quality construction. This means that you can browse our Motorola two way radios for sale in confidence, knowing that repairs or replacements will be on hand quickly if needed. Browse our full range of Motorola two way radios in the UK below and discover how they can transform your business.

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We Are Motorola Platinum Partners

Motorola works with a vast global network of professional and qualified partners to bring you the best communications and mobility products to take your business to the next level. As we are Motorola Platinum Partners, we have an in-depth understanding of their products and services, allowing us to deliver incredible technical expertise and serve the unique needs of a range of industries. With our access to exclusive Motorola resources and knowledgeable, highly skilled engineers, we can bring the brand’s innovative solutions to you directly.

Twin & Quad Motorola Leisure Two Way Radios

We offer a selection of twin and quad Motorola two way radios. This is a cost-effective way to invest in the equipment for your leisure purposes. For example, the TALKABOUT T82 Extreme twin set would be ideal for outdoor activities, as they are lightweight, built to withstand harsh environments, and durable. As an unlicensed two way radio, this model has a coverage of up to 10km and up to 18 hours to battery life on a single charge, so you can always stay in touch with your adventure companions. You could also try the Motorola XT180 twin set to cover a smaller range area with eight channels, 14 hours battery life.  View now our range of Motorola two way radios and radio accessories. We can advise on the best options for your business as a Motorola two way radio store online, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Digital & Analogue Motorola Two Way Radios

There are some key differences between digital two way radios and their analogue counterparts, we can help you decide which is best for your needs. For example, if you need a solution that will work on a large range, noise cancellation, and other technologically advanced features, you may need a digital system, such as the Motorola DM1400. This model is designed to be used as a vehicle two way radio, with a fist microphone, clear audio reproduction, and an LCD numeric display. This model also has an analogue version too, which means it is compatible with other analogue radios and of good quality for a lower price.

While Motorola digital two way radios are becoming more common, many businesses and sectors continue to use analogue radios due to their affordability. Their range of communication is not as wide as digital radios, but this makes them ideal for smaller sites, such as a school or small business. A Motorola two way radio comparison will help you consider what your requirements are before purchase, helping you make the best choice for your business.

Hire Motorola Professional Two Way Radios

If you would like an even more cost-effective way to try our Motorola radios, we provide a two way radio hire service. You can hire unlimited quantities of radios and accessories across our brands, including Motorola, as well as ICOM and Kenwood. You can browse through a variety of Motorola two way radio accessories, such as carry cases that would be perfect for a security team on the move or belt clips for easy access. We can also provide site surveys and radio trials to help you find the best solution possible, as well as the set-up and support needed to get you started with your Motorola two way radios.

Try Motorola Two Way Radios in The UK Today

If you are ready to take your business to the next level with a Motorola communication solution, contact us. A member of our friendly team will also be able to answer questions you may have about our Motorola business two way radios, or alternatively, you can read our FAQs.