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Icom IP501M

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  • Features Include

    • Wide area network coverage using 3G and 4G LTE mobile networks
    • High quality, clear audio
    • Individual, Group, and All call options
    • Duplex and multiplex operation
    • Emergency button
    • Telephone integration

    • Vehicle Mobile
    • DC Power Supply
    • Mounting Bracket Kit
    • Hand Microphone
Weight (grams)
Range (km)
Power Output (watts)
Frequency (Mhz)
Number of Channels
Battery Type
Battery Life (hours)

More information

Combining the best of two way radio functionality with the reach of mobile technology, the ICOM IP501M is part of a new generation of wireless communications solutions for business and industry.

Modelled on vehicle-mounted mobile radio transceivers, the IP501M makes use of 3G and 4G LTE mobile networks instead of radio spectrum, turning a device with a limited operational range into one that can manage voice communications over an entire country.

Not only does this mean you can talk to users wherever they are based, it also means the IP501M can be used anywhere without having to buy a license for nationwide coverage. This makes the IP501M a cost effective option for vehicle fleet operators and others who want a high degree of mobility from their communication platform.

The IP501M offers full duplex and multiplex communication. Although it makes use of a push-to-talk button on the microphone attachment to broadcast, unlike on older two way radios, pressing the button does not cut off any audio coming through the speakers. That means you can listen and speak at the same time, allowing for a more natural flow of conversation.

The multiplex options also mean that multiple users can make calls at once, without having to wait for an available channel. These simultaneous conversation options are supported by All, Group and Individual call modes, providing the choice of speaking to a single contact, a pre-set group or to the entire network. There is also an Emergency Call priority protocol which will interrupt all on-going communications to push through urgent messages.

The IP501M is fully interoperable with the companion IP501H handheld device, making it an ideal option for use as a communication base station when fleets of handsets are deployed. There is also an optional display and keypad accessory which adds handset-like controls to the main unit.

In another plus for vehicle fleet operators, the IP501M comes with GPS as standard, automatically providing an option for tracking and location identification. Because it makes use of mobile networks, it can also be easily integrated with mobile and VoIP telephone systems, while an RoIP gateway means you can link it up to two way radio systems via an IP connection.

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