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Kenwood TK-D340

You pay £140.00(excl VAT)
  • Features Include

    • Slim and Ergonomic
    • IP54/55 Rated
    • Call Interrupt
    • 5 Tone Signalling
    • Lone Worker Mode
    • Call Alert LED
    • Channel Announcement
    • 7 Language Option

    • Radio
    • Lithium Ion Battery
    • Single Charger
    • Antenna
    • Belt Clip
    • User Guide
Radio Type Digital Radios
Weight (grams) 285
Range (km) 3
Power Output (watts) 1
Frequency (Mhz) UHF: 400-470
Number of Channels 32
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Battery Life (hours) 13.5

More information

A professional class dual mode two way radio, the Kenwood TK-D340 offers high quality audio performance, versatility and straightforward operation. Using the UHF radio frequency range, the TK-D340 is an ideal choice for indoor use in large or multi-storey buildings – office blocks, hotels, hospitals, schools, shopping precincts and so on.


As a brand, Kenwood is known for its Hi-Fi and car audio solutions, and that expertise is brought to bear on the audio quality of its two way radios. The TK-D340 benefits from advanced vocoder technology which imitates the sound of the natural human voice after transmission – avoiding the flat, monotone, robotic quality a lot of speech can have when replicated electronically.

Combined with a high output internal speaker, this ensures the crisp, clear audio you need to ensure messages are intelligible and communication can carry on efficiently.

As a dual mode two way radio, the TK-D340 can operate on both analogue and digital networks. There is not even any need to re-programme from one to the other – the TK-D340 can interpret multiple signal protocols simultaneously, meaning it can communicate with both analogue and digital radios ate the same time. This makes it highly versatile, as it can slot into any fleet and connect with most other two way radio types automatically.

It also makes TK-D340 a great choice if you are looking to upgrade from analogue to digital two way radios, allowing you to do so gradually safe in the knowledge that your new digital handsets and legacy analogue models will keep communicating for as long as required.

Other benefits of digital technology include the fact that the TK-D340 can operate using what is known as two-slot TDMA. This is a technical standard that allows for more efficient use of available radio spectrum – essentially, you can run two voice calls on the same digital slot simultaneously, doubling your capacity. This scalability is highly useful for growing businesses.

As a UHF radio, the TK-D340 is much better suited to indoor use than its VHF counterpart, the TK-D240. UHF spectrum wavelengths are shorter than VHF, and that makes them better at transmitting through and around obstacles, such as the walls and floors in a large building.

Ergonomically designed with straightforward controls, the non-display TK-D340  is built for simplicity and convenience. It boasts a maximum battery life of 13.5 hours for long shifts and includes handy little extras like a call alert LED which flashes when a call is being received, and a channel voice announcement which tells you what line you are about to speak on.

In addition, with safety in mind, it comes with a call interrupt feature for the most urgent messages.

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