Motorola TLKR T41 Blue – Twin

You pay £22.99(excl VAT)
Web Exclusive Price
  • Features Include

    • Free Calls
    • No Call Charges
    • Call Tone and Talk Confirmation Tone
    • 8 Channels
    • Scan and Monitor Function
    • Auto Squelch
    • Keypad Lock
    • Also Available in Orange

    • 2 x Radios
    • User Guide
    • 2 x Belt Clips
Weight (grams) 74
Range (km) 4 (in perfect conditions)
Power Output (watts) 0.5
Frequency (Mhz) 446
Number of Channels 8
Battery Type 3 x AAA (not supplied)
Battery Life (hours) 16

More information

When you’re out and about with the family, phones only get you so far. In coastal areas, or when travelling rurally, walkie talkies are an essential piece of kit. These Motorola TLKR T41 radios are license-free radios that are easy to use and easy to carry. Despite their small size, they pack in all the features you’ll need. Each radio has an LCD display and 8 channels, with a potential range of 4km (in ideal conditions). Whether you’re off to the beach, or climbing the nearest peak, you can stay in contact, even if you get separated unexpectedly. Operating the radios is so simple that children will love to carry one with them, keeping them in touch with you at all times, for free. Both radios have a scan/monitor function, with a call tone to attract attention. The belt lcips ensures you won’t drop the radio, even when you’re out and about, and the rugged appearance and blue finish helps to distinguish your radios easily. To avoid accidental transmission, there’s a keypad lock, and an indicator to show you when the battery needs to be charged.

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