Two Way Radio Hire – from £3.00 per week

Two way radio hire is a cost-effective way for your business to source radios for any occasion at any location across the globe. We’ve seen our two way radio rentals support charity nights, mega music performances, and many other large one-off events. Radio hire is not just for events management, with major companies, across numerous sectors, benefitting from our hire service and high level of specialised support. This includes construction, healthcare, retail, and education sectors to name a few. Regularly, customers use our short term radio hire to top up their previously purchased two way radios when facilitating larger than usual projects or events.

Our hire services offer you the most up-to-date radio technology from leading manufacturers such as Motorola, and Kenwood. Plus, with Brentwood radio hire, we offer more than just rental of two-way radios. We can also provide site surveys, radio accessory hire, and other additional services to support your business. We also offer for hire IDARO, the revolutionary smart solution that takes instant team communications to the next level, by using broadband networks and marrying the functions of two way radio with the features of a smartphone.

Our focus is always on finding the best solution for your business needs with competitive two way radio rental costs. We create a bespoke service for each customer, with unlimited rental quantity and short or long term hire options. Contact us so we can start planning your radio hire today.

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The Benefits of Brentwood Radio Hire

Our two way radio hire plan offers many benefits which you won’t find elsewhere:

Unlimited quantities of radios for hire (minimum two radios)

No capital outlay – only pay for what you use

All radios come complete with a battery, belt clip and charger

Support and set up

Quick and easy repairs and replacements

Radio coverage check

Support from our international team of onsite engineers

Plenty of accessories available to hire

Site surveys and radio trials offered

Expert customer service and advice

Because we create bespoke two way radio hire solutions for you, if there is another service you think we can provide, do ask. We are here to ensure radio hire is part of your business’ success.

When Two Way Radio Hire is the Best Solution

There are several reasons why two way radio hire will make more sense for your business model than a two way radio purchase.

Your current two way communication system may be undergoing radio repairs, and you may need to hire radios to cover your business whilst the work is done.

You may be an events company that includes two way radio rentals as part of your package, but don’t want to own your own stock of radios, which will require radio servicing, updating, and storing.

Your business may only hold events that require two-way radio hire intermittently, so do not want to invest capital in purchasing radios when you can be sure to have the most current, fully serviced radios as and when you need them. With a variety of brands, such as Kenwood, and Motorola for two way radio hire, you can enjoy premium products without the high-end price tag.

Your business may have existing radios, but you need extra radios for an event or project which exceeds your current capacity, and you don’t see a long term need for additional radios. This is where radio hire is a perfect solution.

Whatever your scenario, Brentwood Communication’s radio hire can help arrange a two way radio rental agreement that works for you.

International Two Way Radio Hire

We don’t only offer two way radio hire in the UK. We can support international radio hire too. Contact us with your business requirements details and location, and we’ll be happy to discuss logistics. We have a team of international onsite engineers who are dedicated to providing the best hire services in the UK and beyond.

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