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Digital Two Way Radios

Digital radios have become a popular choice for connecting people effortlessly and effectively across different industries and working environments. With easy-to-use features, digital radios offer benefits such as excellent quality audio, long battery life, increased capacity private one-to-one calls for voice privacy plus many more innovative control features.

We offer a wide range of digital radios that include global brands such as Motorola, Icom and Hytera. Therefore, we will have a digital solution perfect for your intended use.

So, whether you’re purchasing, hiring, upgrading, or maintaining, Brentwood Communication’s unparalleled technical sales and engineering teams guarantee superior service and support. Whether it’s system maintenance, replacing equipment or advising on upgrades as needs change and new technology becomes available, we can assist.

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The Best Digital Two Way Radio Options

Those looking for simple digital two way radio systems have lots of options. The Hytera PD705 in particular suits companies on a budget and is still analogue and digital, it holds a long battery life and has a higher channel capacity. Most of our radios are digital portable two way radios, ideal for using on the move while you’re working.

If you would like a premium portable two way radio, the Icom IC-F3400DT has a high-resolution colour screen, 10 hours battery life and you won’t have a problem if it’s accidentally submerged as it’s waterproof. This radio would be an ideal choice for those working in the superyacht and marine industry or seaports with water in close proximity. You can find more information about our waterproof digital two way radio options here.

If your company needs the best digital two way radio, The Mototrbo Ion Smart Radio is a very ‘smart’ radio indeed. It includes extra special features like full HD video, Bluetooth and built-in device data and app security. This type of digital two way radio will be commonly used in industries like the police services.

Other Digital Two Way Radio Equipment

When searching for the best digital two way radio, it’s a good idea to check out extra equipment you might need for your company. A digital two way radio repeater can be essential for communication between colleagues. We offer desktop two way radios to increase the radio transmission range. In areas with signal obstructions, it’s crucial to have a radio repeater for the digital two way radios to work and overcome any interference.

Who are Brentwood Radios?

Brentwood Radios have over 45 years’ experience supplying bespoke communication solutions worldwide, with a focus on digital two way radios in the UK. Whether you’re looking to buy or hire digital two way radios, we have the most advanced equipment at a reasonable price. If you’d like to enquire about our equipment, contact us and we will be happy to discuss the best digital two way radios for sale.