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License Free Two Way Radios

Unlicensed two way radios offer reliable and cost-effective communication should you need to communicate with colleagues over a smaller area. This type of two way radio where no license is required, are ready to use and is the ideal solution for any small business or leisure activities such as hiking or travelling. These unlicensed radios enable communications with no call charges making it the perfect solution for business or leisure users who need to stay in touch with colleagues.

We offer the best license free two way radios from Motorola, ICOM, Kenwood and Hytera, therefore we will be able to provide the perfect radio for your needs.

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Features of Unlicensed Two Way Radios

Licence free two way radios are a great option that provides you with the freedom to communicate for much less. As you are not required to have a licence, there are no additional costs on top of purchase to be concerned with, using the free to use 446 MHz frequency. This means license free digital two way radios do not have the same range as licenced radios, working over a shorter distance, but are much cheaper to use. As a popular choice for those looking for reliable communication, we have some of the best license free two way radios available including for leisure.

The Hytera PD505LF is not only small and lightweight, but it also features a long battery life of up to 16 hours and has one-touch call and text as well as the option to choose between analogue and digital radio channels. There is also the Kenwood TK3701D that similarly has a dual-mode whilst also being IP54/55 compliant, making it a great outdoor option when exposed to the elements. This license free two way radio can withstand shocks, drops and temperature extremes too. For something more compact, the Motorola CLP446 is 40% smaller than many other two way radios and can be worn discreetly. It’s still feature-packed with a push to talk button, headphone jack and long battery life.

If you are unsure from our range which is most suited for your needs, whether you are hosting a small scale event or need something reliable for a hiking trip, we can help you decide. Our vast range of radio solutions will ensure you will find the right licence free two way radios with the features you need.

Find the Best Unlicensed Two Way Radios at Brentwood

With our two way radio expertise, organisations find the communication solutions they need without the hassle. For over 45 years, Brentwood has been helping various sectors from agriculture and construction, to police and security find the bespoke radio solutions required to safely communicate and perform their jobs.

We provide more than just two way radios for hire and purchase too, with many great services available through us. Whether you need service and repair options, or require innovative solutions such as IDARO, we have the team ready to help. Contact Brentwood today and find out more.