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Vehicle Two Way Radios

Many handheld two way radios have a vehicle and desk-based equivalent. We can install these mobile radios along with an antenna and a handheld or desktop microphone, to allow managers/controllers to communicate effectively and efficiently with vehicle two way radio users.

Browse our full range of two way radio vehicle mounts below and learn more about the many features available that makes two way radio in car use easy.

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Stay Connected on the Road with Car Two Way Radios

Whilst two way radio handsets are extremely versatile and portable by design, they aren’t the only choice for mobile communication. Built with in car use in mind, our two way radio vehicle mounts are a practical solution for when you are on the road. Easily attached to a dashboard or adjustable mounting arm, these car two way radios are in easy reach and solve the issue of trying to find your portable device whilst driving. With its front panel design allowing full functionality facing either the driver or passenger, it provides a hands-free solution that keeps you connected.

As part of our range, we have car two way radios from leading brands including Kenwood, Icom, and Motorola, providing a reliable connection and robust build quality. Each two way radio in car solution is feature-packed with many unique for use in car, such as a power cable that connects to your car for uninterrupted use, a fist mic and more.

Two Way Radio in Car Features

The reason to choose a specific two way radio for trucks, cars and vans is due to the need of having a more powerful output. As you will be travelling, the connection may easily get out of range due to being in a moving vehicle, so most are designed to provide a stronger connection that has a larger signal range.

The Kenwood NX-3820E, for example, provides high performance over both analogue and digital channels, making it a good choice if needing to communicate to users of both types of handheld. It is also has a clear display that enables the user to view messages as well as Bluetooth functionality and GPS tracking.

The Icom IC-F6400D features a colour LCD whilst providing usage over 1024 channels that enables great reception. It also has 4-key DES encryption, meaning you can communicate privately making it ideal for emergency services such as police and fire crews.

Other features you can find across our range of in car two way radios include active noise reduction, emergency signally, lone worker and one-to-one calling, amongst many others. You’ll be able to see the full list of features per vehicle two way radio when viewing each product. If there is anything in particular you want from your car two way radio, just contact us for assistance and we can help you find the right model.

Purchase or Hire Vehicle Two Way Radios

No matter the industry sector you need in car two way radios, at Brentwood we have the expertise and product range to help. We help organisations ensure their communications are uninterrupted using the latest advancements in technology to provide innovative solutions. Whether you are wanting to hire or purchase two way radios, we can help you online. If you can’t find what you need, just fill in our enquiry form and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.