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100% In Building Coverage

Many companies get frustrated with the coverage of their two-way radios. They often experience black spots and unclear transmissions in areas such as basements, loading bays or multi-level car parks.

Tolerating poor coverage means your staff often have to run back and forth between different areas, so they’re able to communicate with colleagues. But worse than that.

When calls are missed and messages become garbled, this could potentially be fatal in an emergency.

But you can transform your spectral efficiency – simply by using new-generation digital technology. You can rapidly increase calling capacity; get more reliable coverage in remote areas; and improve voice clarity – even at the farthest margins of the RF range. (What’s more, where mobile phones falter – digital radios excel.)

With digital radios, the built-in error correction reconstitutes the voice with virtually no loss of coverage over a greater area.  It also reduces background noise by compressing speech and filtering out everything except the human voice. By choosing to have up-to-date technology at your finger tips; you can easily enjoy more consistent audio performance.

In addition, these radios place less drain on the battery. They function up to 40 per cent longer on a battery charge than analogue systems which means workers on extended shifts don’t have to keep recharging them, or risk dead batteries.

Benefits Of The 100% In Building Coverage Feature

  • Reduces background noise

  • Radios can function up to 40 per cent longer on a battery charge than analogue systems

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