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Group Calling

Group calling allows employees to broadcast an emergency situation to all two-way radios. It also means members of diverse workgroups have the ability to communicate in private with each other.

System-wide calls automatically override individual and group calls, ensuring urgent messages reach every radio user at the same time.

The one-to-many feature allows members of workgroups to call up the others at a single touch. Even late entry users are able to join a voice transmission already in progress. Next-generation digital two way radio technology enables workgroups to share business-critical information without other radio users listening in.

Your radio system automatically manages multiple-group calls – giving priority to certain individuals or groups. This saves your business precious time by improving team management.

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Benefits Of The Group Calling Feature

  • Members of diverse workgroups have the ability to communicate in private with each other.

  • Able to manage group and individual calls effectively

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