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Digital Radio Individual Calling

Make one-to-one calls, perfect for when a message needs to be private.

One of the most popular features of two way radio systems is the ability to talk privately with a specific user.

Whenever your employees need to make a one-to-one call, they simply punch in the multi-digit ID number of the person they need to contact before calling.  Alternatively, they could select from the radio’s contact list. Once the recipient receives the call, their radio will ring or vibrate displaying the caller’s ID information. They can answer with confidence knowing that no other radios on the system will hear their conversation.

Just like phones, your two way radios are able to log calls. Users can scroll through a recent-calls list, which reveals the source and target of the last transmissions (plus time and date information).

To see individual calling for yourself please contact us to arrange your free radio trial.  Either complete the enquiry form below, or alternatively, you can call us on 01245 403520.

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