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Ambulance Radios
The Benefits
  • Waterproof Radios Available
  • Enhanced Coverage
  • Superb Audio Quality
  • Intelligent Audio - Volume adjust to reflect background noise


In potentially life and death situations, reliable communications are important. Ambulance crews need the ability to communicate with each other or other crews at the scene of an emergency.

We have been supplying two way radios for ambulance use for over 45 years, with ambulance radio communications integral for crews to have a successful outcome.

It is important that the right UK ambulance radios are selected depending on the environment they will be used. For example, with a small event in a field, where an ambulance crew is necessary, a small lightweight analogue radio may be suitable. For bigger events covering a wide area, this will require more powerful digital radios.

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Radios we recommend

Ambulance Service Radios

We are specialists in ensuring the right communication options are provided to your sector requirements. With our extensive experience, we have helped not only provide UK ambulance radios, but also many other industry sectors including fire service, security and healthcare to name a few. We recognise just how important it is to have a reliable radio service to communicate efficiently, not only to successfully complete your day to day job, but to also stay safe.

Ambulance radio communication provides exactly that, ensuring if entering potentially dangerous situations, crews can quickly communicate using enhanced coverage whether outdoors or within indoor settings. The superb audio quality of our radios for sale provides an ambulance crew with peace of mind that they can always get hold of each other and not be left isolated.

As we know that the working environment can be noisy and hazardous, our ambulance service radios come with additional features to help. You could be dispatched to the scene of an accident by a busy roadside or dealing with an incident with large crowds of people close by, meaning clarity with radio use is essential. This is where intelligent audio comes into its own, being able to filter out background noise so that your crew can hear clearly what you are saying without issue. Also, we have many radios that are waterproof so that whatever the elements have in store, your UK ambulance radio service will not be affected, as well as any accidental drops onto wet floors, puddles etc. As an additional safety feature, many radios also come fitted with panic buttons, so if entering a vulnerable situation, ambulance crews can quickly call for help if needed.

Choose Our UK Ambulance Radios

We are proud to provide two way radios for emergency services, ensuring communication is never an issue and that ambulance crews can work quickly. You can learn more about how we helped NHS Runwell Hospital in our case study below.

There are many high-quality brands we stock that include Motorola, ICOM and Hytera amongst other reputable manufacturers. We can help you choose the best ambulance radio communication for your needs if you are at all unsure, with the team here at Brentwood Communications ready to answer your queries.

You can find out more within our product centre, or communicate with us directly by contacting us.

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