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Radios For Construction Sites


You need flawless reception, full coverage and guaranteed safety for your workers – watch below Brentwood’s showcase of the latest array of two way radio features for Construction.

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We regularly supply two-way radios to house builders. They include Taylor Wimpey, Barratt Homes, Telford Homes and Countryside Properties. We also supply commercial builders Miller Construction, Mace and Costain, among others.

These companies have turned to us to solve their communication problems: poor coverage; poor reliability and shortcomings during emergencies.  We offer radio equipment (to hire or buy) employing the very latest technology. Our radios provide full coverage, flawless reception, intelligent audio, and emergency features.

Our sites either hire radio equipment at a low price (which includes all repairs), or they simply buy from us. Both these options also apply to our customised solutions and accessories.



We perform thorough on-site tests to ensure the radios provide clear reception throughout the area. Where back-to-back coverage is not feasible, we use Motorola DR3000 repeaters to boost the transmission.

If a crane operator cannot receive messages from the banksman below, due to stray traffic from miles around. We ensure they only pick up the right signals by employing a strategically placed antenna. We also have the solution to making their radio operation more user-friendly.

Our engineers customise the equipment so the crane operator can easily speak into a goose microphone connected to their mobile radio. The operator makes calls by pressing a PTT button fitted to the control panel.  Alternatively, they can activate a foot pedal for total hands-free operation.


Brentwood’s radios are easy to use. They are also water-resistant, durable and resilient. This means they can carry on working even when they are wet and filthy. For instance, our radios have been dropped and known to survive after a truck has run over them! (Note: If one of your radios stops working, and you’re hiring from us – we’ll replace it immediately.)

Also, the batteries in digital radios last 40% longer between charges compared to analogue. This means they can continue to power radios throughout long, grueling shifts.


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