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Hospitality Radios
The Benefits
  • Multiple channels
  • Private and group calling
  • Enhanced audio and coverage
  • Text messaging
  • Emergency alarm

Hospitality and Entertainment


Businesses that operate in the hospitality and entertainment industries rely on fast and unobtrusive communications.

Low-cost, analogue radios are suitable for smaller venues, such as a local theatre or a restaurant, where the main requirement is to communicate between staff. In larger leisure centres, and where there is greater risk of injury, digital radios that operate over a vast area are a must. Brentwood Communications supplies two-way radios to suit the size and safety requirements of any complex, including waterproof handsets for swimming pools and durable models for golf courses. We can supply repeaters to improve radio coverage if the location is very big or on many levels.

The customer experience is of paramount importance in this sector. Brentwood’s two-way radios include an earpiece that allows staff to communicate privately and without visible equipment. For live events, where security is a key concern, the ability to monitor activities inconspicuously and without disturbing the audience is essential. High-profile sports fixtures often demand fast and effective communications between staff, security and police. Two-way radios, such as those provided by Brentwood Radios, are vital for crowd management.

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