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Facilities Two Way Radios
The Benefits
  • Reliable Coverage
  • Robust, Tough, Water-Resistant
  • Crisp, Clear Sound
  • Noise-Cancellation
  • Intelligent Audio
  • Private Calling
  • Emergency Pushbutton
  • Worker Safeguards
  • GPS Tracking
  • Enhanced Battery Life

Facilities Management Radios

Whether you manage your own processes, or you are a facilities management provider, Brentwood’s advanced two way radio systems enable you to administer vital services such as:

For we offer robust radio equipment (for hire or to buy) which employs cutting-edge technology. Among other things, our radios offer you flawless reception, noise-cancellation, intelligent audio, plus safety features.

Reliable radio coverage is a key element in assisting managers to improve strategic planning and supervise day-to-day activities.

By using the latest digital radios, they can collaborate with staff and coordinate operations at the touch of a button, anywhere on-site.

The superior audio and increased functionality of these radios enhance the ability of leaders to execute best business practice, elevate site safety, and reduce costs whilst increasing productivity.


To ensure you receive razor-sharp reception anywhere on your premises, Brentwood carries out free radio trials and tests. Perfect radio coverage means your managers are guaranteed to link with employees, even from the far-flung corners of the site. The noise-cancellation and intelligent audio features also enable staff to liaise with each other in the loudest sections. Where the building configuration hampers the generation of signals; we install Motorola DR3000 repeaters to boost the transmissions. In addition, we supply a vast range of accessories. For example, you can take advantage of our sophisticated earpieces to doubly ensure radio messages are picked up first time.


Rest assured your two-way radios are dependable, solidly-constructed, and weatherproof. No matter how demanding the role, they will continue to deliver superb results. For instance, your hard working digital radios offer extended battery life to keep them going 30 to 50 percent longer between charges, compared with analogue. The fact is, staff really appreciate the benefits of remaining powered-up during long, arduous shifts.


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