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Farm Radios
The Benefits
  • Waterproof Radios Available
  • Enhanced Coverage
  • Superb Audio Quality
  • Emergency Features Available
  • Intelligent Sudio - volume adjusts to reflect background noise
  • Easy To Use Equipment

Two Way Radios For Agriculture


From smallholdings to global tractor manufacturing plants two way radios are a vital asset ensuring the health and safety of staff across all the agricultural industry. Reliable communications are imperative in what can sometimes be dangerous working conditions. Whether you require radios for farming or radios for your manufacturing company we have tried and tested technology for every environment. Our technology is available to purchase and we have the largest hire fleet in the world.

The outdoor environment of farming means that waterproof two way radios are sometimes necessary, as well as being able to withstand freezing conditions. Our range of digital radios are fully waterproof and are rated to withstand conditions below freezing for extended periods. You can view our range of digital radios online. For simple requirements over a small area, such as a small milking parlour and 5 acres simple unlicensed radios are usually sufficient. View our Kenwood TK3501, Motorola XT420 and Motorola XT460 unlicensed radios online today. License free radios can be used straight from the box, and require no prior knowledge of radios. They are simple to use – simply charge them up and press to talk.  In built up areas where there may be other radio users and interference may occur, we would recommend using licensed radios, reducing interference.

Radio coverage over a larger area usually requires licensed digital two way radios.  Digital radios offer enhanced coverage and superb audio quality. Larger farms with out buildings over hundreds of acres will require a more sophisticated solution, and it is sometimes necessary to use a repeater (booster) to help achieve coverage in those hard to reach areas. The license can be obtained on your behalf from OFCOM.  OFCOM charge a fee for this which is dependent on your location. A general rule of thumb is the further in the country you are the price of the license is the lowest. In main towns with lots of radio traffic, OFCOM will charge more.

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