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Fire Communications Two Way Radios
The Benefits
  • Waterproof
  • Enhanced Coverage
  • Superb Audio Quality
  • Intelligent Audio
  • Emergency Button
  • Lone Worker
  • Man Down

UK Fire Service Radio Communications

Fire departments rely on two way radios to enable fast response times, ensure the health and safety of staff, and maintain communication between the crew and the control room. In emergency situations, crews also use fire service radios to coordinate with additional crew members and other emergency service providers such as the police or ambulance staff.

Firefighters and rescue workers have complex communications needs. They often need to operate in built-up areas, rugged terrain, and everything in between, so relying on high-quality UK fire service radios is essential.

At Brentwood Communications, we provide fire department radios for sale that provide reliability and uninterrupted communication. We know how vital it is that fire department two way radios need to work in hostile environments where speed and accuracy are key. Full of additional features that help ensure the safety of fire crews, such as man-down systems, our fire service radios provide peace of mind for your staff.

Radios we recommend


If you require coverage of a large area, you will need licenced radios to do the job. ATEX radios are used within hazardous environments and boosters are required for hard to reach places. Brentwood Communications has two-way radios suitable for every environment and scenario, as well as multiple industry sector requirements.

This means that UK fire service radios need to be suitable for the job and provide an uninterrupted service no matter where fire crews are needed. The nature of the job requires crews to be in many different situations, both outdoor and indoor, that pose a risk to personnel if communication is poor. This is why our fire service radio communications are hard-wearing and provide enhanced coverage.

Our radios are waterproof and designed to withstand both freezing conditions and extreme heat, something fire crews will experience regularly. The requirement to always have excellent audio quality is extremely high in these situations, with the safety of crews and civilians always a priority. We have plenty of suitable two way radios up to this task, including Motorola fire service radios that provide superb audio quality as well as intelligent audio, where background noise is filtered to provide clear voice audio in critical moments.

Add to this safety features such as man down and lone worker systems, plus emergency panic buttons, UK fire service radios use the latest technological advancements to ensure reliability in emergencies.


If you would like to find out more information about our fire department radios for sale and how they can help fire crews work safely, please get in touch with us.

We have helped emergency services work with efficient communication for many years, providing a superior service. We’ll also help with any service and repairs required to ensure ongoing support, and provide many other solutions you may be interested in, such as body worn cameras for additional safety.

If you are not looking to purchase, we do provide a radio hire service depending on sector requirements. Please discuss your needs when making an enquiry with our team.

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