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Benefits Of Two Way Radios
The Benefits
  • Latest Technology
  • No Capital Outlay
  • Repairs and Replacements are Quick and Easy
  • Support and Set-up is Included
  • Ideal for Short-term Radio Hire for Outdoor Events, or Long-term Hire
  • Site Surveys and Radio Trials to Test Equipment

Government Two Way Radios

Government bodies are among the earliest proponents of two way radios. This is partly due to their usage in intelligence. Today, radio systems are in use by all government agencies, from ministries and embassies to local government and municipal services. Brentwood Communications can provide two-way radio systems for all of these organisations, and we still cater for voice transmissions that require the highest levels of security.

The size of area over which an agency has jurisdiction decides the type of radio system to be installed. For example, in an urban area signals need to penetrate buildings. Here we would recommend digital radios as they have unrivalled coverage. The type of remit the agency provides is also a determining factor. The communications needs of an out-of-hours service are different from those of an 8-hour day office team, or a mobile workforce.

Public sector organisations are usually beholden to their budgets. With Brentwood Radios, there is no need to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on radio equipment. It is possible to hire two way radios from us at a fraction of the cost.

Radios we recommend

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