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Hotel Two Way Radios
The Benefits
  • Multiple channels
  • Private and group calling
  • Enhanced audio and coverage
  • Text messaging
  • Emergency alarm

Hotel Radio Solutions

Hotel customers are generally looking for a comfortable and quiet environment in which to relax. To maintain standards and meet customer expectations, hospitality staff need a well-coordinated hotel communication system between all parts of the establishment. Two way radios are an easy and cost-effective way to keep staff connected, right from the front desk through to the kitchen staff and house management.

Brentwood Communications, can install an advanced two-way hotel radio system to fit all shapes and sizes of building from small hostelries to five-star spa hotels. Hotel staff communication requirements will differ depending on the venue size. Small hotels will probably require smaller, lightweight radios, for example, while medium-size venues will need a two-watt business radio. Help enhance interdepartmental communication in hotels, restaurants and more with our range of the best digital radios for the hotel and hospitality industry.

To find out more about how we supply superior radio communication for the hotel sector, please get in touch today.

Radios we recommend

Hotel Communication Software Solutions

There are many considerations hospitality services need to take before choosing hotel radios. For example, complete radio coverage in multi-storey hotels with a multitude of rooms and floors can be achieved through a four-watt repeater unit. This is positioned centrally in the building, with its antennas strategically placed on different floors, for clear reception.

In this scenario, Brentwood recommends handheld digital radios such as the robust Motorola DP3600, which can make and receive calls at the touch of a button. When voice is not possible, staff can generate text messages on its keypad instead.

Multi-channel hotel radios allow each department within hotel management to have its own channel. Managers can monitor all activity with interdepartmental communication in hotels by enabling the scan mode on their radio set. Add to this private and group calling as well as the text messaging feature, and you have various ways to keep tabs with staff.

If you require two way radios for restaurants or hotels, you’ll need to think about the safety aspects too, with our hotel radios providing many advantages. Features such as an emergency alarm can alert to issues as they happen, simply integrate with your fire alarm system for enhanced employee and guess safety.

We also have additional products that can help hotel communication excel, including the innovative Table Tap solution. This can be easily integrated and help make customer service seamless for efficient restaurant and hotel staff communication.

Learn More About Our Hotel Communication Systems

We have helped many industry sectors with two way radio solutions and are best placed to provide hotel radios that are both reliable and affordable. You can read through our case studies to learn more about those within the hospitality sector we’ve helped, using over 45 years’ experience to provide the perfect communication solutions.

To find out more about how Brentwood can help you upgrade and improve your hotel communication software and hardware, please get in touch today. You’ll find a range of leading digital radios from many of the best manufacturers including Motorola, Kenwood, Hytera and more.

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