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Police Two Way Radio Communications
The Benefits
  • Intelligent Audio
  • Emergency/Panic Button
  • Man Down
  • GPS Tracking
  • Enhanced Coverage
  • Robust

Two Way Police Radios

The image of a police officer using a ‘walkie-talkie’ is familiar to many from film and TV images, but today’s two way radios are a far more sophisticated device. Capable of providing a range of communications solutions for the modern UK police force, our radios have the functionality and reliability needed in critical moments.

We have a great range of two way radios available that fit the requirements needed for every type of police and law enforcement officer. Whether they are patrolling the streets, working on traffic control or situated in remote areas, we have Motorola radios for sale along with many other brands, such as Hytera, Icom and Kenwood, suitable for the job.

You can browse our full  range two way radios online and find out more about the advantages they can bring to the role by contacting us.


Radios we recommend

Features of Police Radios in the UK

Law enforcement officers have a variety of communication requirements so that they can always stay safe and vigilant. Community police in town centres, for example, need to liaise with the local constabulary and other authorities to help reduce local crime and antisocial behaviour. Officers called upon to deal with situations in noisy venues, such as pubs and nightclubs, or to manage crowd control at sporting events, will use specially equipped police two way radios and radio accessories.

Features include filtering out background sound for a much clearer connection, ensuring their voice can be heard when relaying critical information.

When police officers require back-up and response to an escalating situation, they can rely on GPS-enabled radios for position tracking. take advantage of enhanced coverage so that wherever officers may be, they can still use a reliable connection.

We provide radios suitable for all occasions and environments, made from robust materials which  can survive outdoor conditions with ease. These handsets are waterproof and are designed to withstand rough handling without losing sound quality. The intelligent audio provides unrivalled reliability so that connection issues are minimised.

Add to this safety features such as emergency panic buttons and man-down capability, and you have police radios in the UK ready for any circumstance an officer may find themselves in. You may also be interested in body worn cameras that have become essential equipment for those in law enforcement too.

UK Police Radios for Sale at Brentwood Communications

Brentwood Communications can provide digital two way radios that are particularly suited for the police and all those responsible for public safety.

We have been providing various sectors with reliable radio communications for over 45 years and an award-winning service. If you have any requirements needed for police UK radios, just get in touch with the team today.

Looking for something else? We have a range of radios for hire and we also provide service and repair options too.

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