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Two Way Radios for Ports

Two Way Radios for Ports

Shipping is a key part of the global economy. The demand for manufactured goods is unrelenting and seaports are central to handling the trade between countries.

Seaports are vast areas filled with large shipping containers and handling equipment. Shipping management need to achieve operational efficiency to fulfil ‘just-in-time’ manufacturing logistics while ensuring the safety of port workers. Meeting these demands relies on effective communication, and two way radios are the perfect solution.

Brentwood Radios offer a range of analogue and digital two way radio systems that can help manage the flow of cargo and maintain security at the dock.

It is also worth noting that, although mobile phones can work offshore, high rates are charged for the convenience. Two way radios, on the other hand, have no roaming charges.

To find out more about how we can help provide superior communication for ports, please get in touch today.

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