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Radios for Hazardous Environments
The Benefits
  • Waterproof
  • Enhanced coverage
  • Superb audio quality
  • Intelligent audio
  • Emergency Button
  • Lone Worker

Two Way Radios For Hazardous Sites

Many processes in the minerals and energy industries involve substances (gases, dusts, fibres) that constitute a hazardous environment.

Communications systems used here have to meet rigorous safety standards. Brentwood Radios supplies ATEX two way radios for use in volatile situations.

For employers operating in the petrochemical or any mission-critical industry, the safety of employees is paramount. Communications are vital and the chosen system needs to operate safely in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Brentwood offers radio equipment (to hire or buy) employing the very latest technology. Our radios provide full coverage, flawless reception, intelligent audio, and emergency features such as panic buttons, GPS trackers and lone worker features.

Our radios are easy to use. They are also water-resistant, durable and resilient. This means they can carry on working even when they are wet and filthy, or dropped from a height.

In hazardous environments, we highly recommend using digital radios. The batteries last 40 per cent longer between charges compared to analogue. This means they can continue to power radios throughout long, gruelling shifts.

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