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Two Way Radios For Healthcare

Modern hospitals are expansive places with sophisticated communications requirements. Patient care, in particular, relies on fast and effective interplay between staff who are often required to move quickly from one part of the premises to another. Without high-tech, two way radio systems and boosting equipment, it would be virtually impossible to ensure a strong signal is received throughout a hospital complex.

Unfortunately, healthcare sites are vulnerable places as the multitude of ‘zero tolerance’ signs posted throughout emergency departments testifies. Two-way radios provided by Brentwood Communications enable medical staff to work more efficiently, and may also lessen health and safety risks at the hospital site. For instance, a porter who is in contact with a patient’s medical team will move him or her to the right location at the right time.  And a potential security threat that occurs where security members are using appropriate radio systems will be reacted to in a matter of seconds.

There will always be vast numbers of healthcare staff needing to communicate with colleagues based at other parts of a hospital compound. Brentwood Radios’ facilitates this at minimum cost through Capacity Plus. This software-based solution saves precious time by finding a free channel automatically during periods of high demand.

Handheld digital radios, such as those made by Motorola, are a suitable option for medical centres. GPS-enabled models are especially useful for worker safety, as they allow the movements of workers to be tracked in real time.  Motorola repeater units and aerials can be housed in secure cabinets for extra protection.

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