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The Benefits
  • Improves safeguarding
  • Multiple channels
  • Private and group calling
  • Enhanced audio and coverage
  • Raise concerns instantly
  • Emergency alarm

School Communication Solutions

We have been supplying two way radios to schools, colleges and universities for over 40 years. Education establishments are busy places where providing a productive, safe learning environment takes a lot more planning and coordination than just what goes on in the classroom.

And that’s where communication comes in.

Although we have built our business around supplying two way radio equipment, we offer much more than that. We are committed to providing excellence in service. Our customers deserve nothing else.

For us, no job is too big or small. We don’t just sell off-the-shelf products and leave you to get on with things. Our role is to solve problems and meet every need you have, and we’re always prepared to innovate and embrace new technology to achieve that.

We pride ourselves on listening to exactly what our customers want and drawing on the expertise we’ve built up over the decades to deliver. Every project starts with a site visit from one of our experienced, highly qualified engineers, who specialise in assessing each site and putting together a bespoke package to suit your precise needs.

Finally, relationships matter to us. We’ve been working with many of our education clients for a number of years providing ongoing support, whether its system maintenance, replacing equipment or advising on upgrades as needs change and new technology becomes available.

Radios we recommend


Over the years, we have worked with dozens of schools around the country supplying two way radios and other communications equipment for a wide range of applications.

For fire safety and evacuation drills, for facilities teams carrying out work across the site, for front desk staff who want a reliable means of contacting colleagues wherever they are on campus, radios provide a direct, instant means of communication that help to maintain high safety standards and ensure the school day runs smoothly.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have also helped schools to increase the number of radios they use to help maintain social distancing measures. With classes and year groups operating in separate ‘bubbles’, movement around schools has to be carefully monitored and coordinated. Radios allow staff to liaise with each other in real time and keep everything under control.

Solutions we supply to schools include:

  • A broad range of user-friendly, affordable analogue and digital two way radios ideal for general use.
  • Handsets programmed with safety features like Man Down fall alerts and Lone Worker remote monitoring for facilities teams.
  • Signal boosters to guarantee coverage on large secondary school campuses.
  • Flexible long and short-term radio hire deals to help schools increase the number of radios they use temporarily as part of their COVID response measures.


Because of their size, college and university campuses present some unique challenges for radio communications. Faculty staff, administrators, facilities teams and security personnel need to be confident they can reach each other at all times in an emergency, wherever they happen to be.

As specialists in delivering robust and reliable radio connections over large areas, we offer several solutions. Conventional signal repeaters and antennas are often adequate for smaller college campuses, serving to amplify radio signals so they are effective over larger areas.

For larger college and university campuses, modern digital radio technology allows several smaller networks to be linked together, for example using IP (internet protocol) connections to create massive coverage areas.

For every college and university we work with, our expert engineers carry out a full site survey to recommend the right solution for your institution.

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