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The Benefits
  • Reliable Coverage
  • Robust, Durable, Water-resistant
  • High Quality Sound
  • Intelligent Audio
  • Emergency Alarm
  • Emergency Features
  • Enhanced Battery Life

Event Communication Radios

Event organisers know that hiring the latest radio technology from us increases safety and operational efficiency at a fraction of the cost. We supply two-way radios across every continent in the world at Brentwood Communications, using equipment made by some of the most reputable manufacturers including ICOM, Hytera and Lugra. By choosing event communication radios through us, you can always ensure uninterrupted communication and reliable service for your event to run smoothly.


When purchasing equipment or using our event radio hire, we can also provide on-site support for your event if you require it. This means we can supply a qualified member of staff (or a whole team of engineers if required) for the duration of the event – anywhere in the world. They will be able to help you get the most out of your hired radio equipment.

For example, support staff will show you how to work the radios correctly – rectifying any issues and providing as much training as necessary for your crew.

They can also advise you on how to log two way radios for events in and out (using labels and record sheets) systematically. And, if a technical problem occurs, they can organise any necessary repairs or replacements – quickly and effectively to avoid disruption. This includes providing a continual supply of fully charged batteries throughout your event radio hire.

No matter where you hold the event, we will liaise with the relevant licensing authorities in that country, so you can obtain the frequencies and licences that prevent interference. You’ll have not only the best two way radios for events but also the best ongoing support throughout the event duration to ensure efficient use.

Radios we recommend


For large venues requiring optimised channel capability, we can install ‘Capacity Plus’. This feature is an intelligent software solution for event communication radios that links up to 1200 radio users to voice and data without the need to add new frequencies. This also saves callers the time and hassle of finding a free channel themselves, adding to the experience of using two way radios for events.


We can carry out free site trials and tests to ensure you receive razor-sharp reception from even the far-flung reaches of the site. This is important for two way radios for loud environments or where the terrain and/or architecture make it impossible to achieve back-to-back coverage. To counter this, we can install Motorola DR3000 repeaters to boost the radio transmissions.


The two-way radios for events we pick for you are easy to carry, simple to operate, and need minimal training if any. Benefits include:

  • Reliable coverage for consistency
  • High-quality sound even in loud environments
  • Intelligent audio to reduce background noise
  • Durability – the radios are robust and hard-wearing

Venue operators will feel confident using event communication radios in any environment because they’re solidly constructed, resilient and water-resistant. This means they continue to deliver optimum results in the harshest scenarios. What’s more, the batteries in digital radios can last up to 40% longer between charges compared to analogue devices. Meaning they will carry on powering your radios throughout long, arduous gigs.


To ensure your event goes ahead without issue, event planners need a service they can trust so that all staff on site can communicate easily. From security personnel to caterers, bar staff to stewards, they can all work with confidence knowing support can be communicated efficiently whenever they need it thanks to the best two way radios for events available.

If you’d like to find out more about event communication radios, please contact us today.

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