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Two Way Radio Communications for Retail
The Benefits
  • Enhanced coverage across large retail complexes or town centres
  • Instant access between staff and security to pursue criminals and keep the community safe
  • Intelligent audio adjust the volume depending on background noise
  • Man Down feature protects and assists assaulted or injured staff

Retail Radio Services


Whether you own the corner shop or are responsible for the management of a shopping complex, you rely on communication systems to help you run your enterprise efficiently and safely.

Brentwood Radios has a range of two way radio solutions for local shopkeepers right through to high street retail chains and out of town shopping malls. A licence-free or analogue radio might suit your requirements if you work in a small standalone shop, whereas more sophisticated digital communications systems will be needed in town centre stores and shopping centres.

These days, community-policing initiatives extend to shop watch schemes, where retailers, police and other local institutions work together to minimize shoplifting and other petty crime. Brentwood can design, install and maintain two way radio systems that provide instant and reliable communication between retail staff and police for the prevention of crime and the safety of the general public.

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