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Two Way Radio Communications for Retail
The Benefits
  • Enhanced coverage across large retail complexes or town centres
  • Instant access between staff and security to pursue criminals and keep the community safe
  • Intelligent audio adjust the volume depending on background noise
  • Man Down feature protects and assists assaulted or injured staff

Retail Radio Services


Whether you own a small high-street shop, a supermarket chain or are responsible for the management of a large shopping complex, you need a reliable retail communication system. Helping you run your enterprise efficiently and safely, we provide the best two way radios for retail stores from the biggest brands available. From Motorola to Kenwood, you’ll find feature-packed retail two way radios for sale and hire at Brentwood.

At Brentwood Communications, we have a range of retail radio device solutions for local shopkeepers right through to high street retail chains and out of town shopping malls. Having a choice of a licence-free or analogue radio might suit retailers who work in a small standalone shop compared to larger premises. A more sophisticated digital communication system will be required for town centre stores and shopping centres, which is why we provide a retail radio service to cover all retail environments no matter the size.

Communication in a work environment is crucial to ensure productivity stays high. When in a retail environment, being able to communicate across a large store can be difficult, especially when busy. Using a radio for retail store use ensures you can find who you’re looking for quickly and be able to communicate without having to move from your location. This is ideal for retail roles that involve designated areas where staff need to stay, ensuring efficiency is not lost when looking for colleagues.

Whether you use radio headsets for retail staff or just need retail radio devices available when required, we can help you find exactly what you need.

To find out more about how we can help provide superior communication in the retail sector, please get in touch today.

Radios we recommend

Get the Best Two Way Radios for Retail Stores

Our retail radio service extends beyond supplying standard two way radios. Most are full of features designed to make safety and high-quality communication simple, helping staff work confidently even when far from other colleagues. This includes modern community-policing initiatives that extend to shop watch schemes. This is where retailers, police and other local institutions work together to minimize shoplifting and other petty crime.

At Brentwood, we can design, install, and maintain retail two way radio systems that provide instant and reliable communication between retail staff and police. This helps create a safer work environment for staff as well as the prevention of crime, and the safety of the general public.

Features of Retail Two Way Radios

As communication is needed across large shopping complexes in the same way as a smaller store, having enhanced coverage is a must. During busy hours, noise levels can be high with a larger footfall, so having clear audio will avoid mishearing instructions.

Intelligent audio is a feature that ensures any background noise is kept to a minimum and spoken word can be heard clearly. In-building coverage is designed to ensure there are no poor coverage areas so that no matter where staff are, even on multiple levels, you can still communicate swiftly.

Discover Reliable Retail Two Way Radios

We have over 45 years of experience helping retail companies and many other sectors with their radio communications. We can help you find out more about the many innovative solutions that can help enhance communication in your sector. Make choices that will help your staff and customers feel safe and ensure communication is always at the highest standard.

If you require assistance deciding on the best two way radios for retail stores, please get in touch with the team at Brentwood today.

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