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Two Way Radios for Security Control
The Benefits
  • Intelligent Audio
  • Emergency Button
  • Robust
  • Enhanced Coverage

Radio Security Services

Two way radios for security at large crowd control

Festivals, in-door concerts, conferences and demonstrations. On the face of it, these types of events are very different, but there is one aspect that they all have in common – security. Where there is a large assembly of people, there is always the need for crowd control and the possibility of disorder. Anyone responsible for event management is required by law to do all that is reasonably practical to ensure crowd safety.

There is undoubtedly a plethora of safety issues to take into account when planning any large-scale event. Among the most important considerations is communications – whether you are assessing first aid and medical assistance requirements, emergency and evacuation procedures or any other contingency measure, you need plan your lines of communication. Two way radios from Brentwood Communications are a natural fit in any of these scenarios.

Handheld two way radios are compact, lightweight and robust. At the touch of a button, you can communicate with individuals or a group. They can send and receive text messages, and even make telephone calls. Brentwood can also supply noise-cancelling headsets and discreet audio accessories.

Two way communications are a great precaution in the event of an emergency, but most well-managed events will turn out peacefully, leaving event managers free to ensure their guests have a great time. Digital radios will always have a job to do, however, helping event planners stay well connected to ensure every event is a success.



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