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Whatever sector you operate in, we can provide the ideal radio equipment for you.

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Two way radios for sale

If you’re looking for two way radios for sale for personal, business or leisure use – we can fix you up with the very best radios, and accessories, that suit your pocket. We partner many reputable radio manufacturers, and you can view all the top-notch products we offer by clicking on the links below.

Even if we don’t show a product or manufacturer, this doesn’t mean we do not stock it (or cannot get hold of it for you). So please get in touch, and we’ll do our utmost to satisfy your requirements. Whether you want to obtain a specific product, buy two way radios, or learn more about our two way radio hire.

Whatever sector you operate in, we can provide the ideal radio equipment for you. For instance, we supply two way radios and accessories to retail, construction, hospitality, education, sports stadiums, manufacturing, agriculture and hazardous environments to name but a few.


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Brands we supply

Here are a selection of brands that we supply. Please click on each logo to see which products we offer.

We offer a full spectrum of two way radios

Whatever sector you operate in, we can provide the ideal radio equipment for you.


These high-performance 2 way radios offer new levels of productivity and performance for medium and large companies. You can benefit from a multitude of state-of-the-art features such as greater calling capacity, better voice clarity, extended coverage, enhanced battery life, and the availability of sophisticated software applications. For example, you can configure an alarm to monitor and protect lone workers who are prone to attack. Or, you can use ‘Man Down’ and ‘GPS’ technology to enable controllers to locate workers the moment they are injured or unconscious. Read more about these features here.


Licensed radios are suitable for situations that don’t require the enhanced features offered by digital technology. Often radio users only need a simple, reliable method of communication. These proven, robust two way radios are still remarkably popular with businesses. Especially organisations that do not need feature-rich, or software-enhanced, radio equipment. Because these powerful, hard-working radios provide reliable coverage – up to a range of 2 miles – you will need to obtain an operating licence from Ofcom. If necessary, radio users can boost transmissions to overcome difficult terrain with a repeater. The key benefit of a licence is, you receive little interference and enjoy sharper reception.


Unlicensed radios (also known as PMR446) provide the benefits of two way communications without having to buy an operating licence. As well as their excellent affordability, many small and medium businesses admire their solid performance because they are robust, easy to operate, and deliver crisp, clear sound. You can also expect reliable reception up to a range of 1 mile – even in harsh conditions.


Ready to use out of the box, these 2 way radios are lightweight, robust and easy-to-use. As a consumer or residential customer, you can use them for leisure, sports activities, or for talking to family and friends. They provide abundant power and numerous modern features without the hassle of obtaining an operating licence. In short, there are no call charges … no age restrictions … no test to pass … no airtime contract … and almost no running costs.

PoC Radios

Push-To-Talk over Cellular (PoC) Radios are designed to provide worldwide voice, message and video communication to enable you to connect using the 3G/4G/LTE/5G network.


Many handheld two way radios have a vehicle and desk-based equivalent. We can install these mobile radios along with an antenna and handheld or desktop microphone to allow managers/controllers to communicate effectively and efficiently with vehicle/portable radio users.

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