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Digital Two Way Radio the Right Medicine for Ipswich Hospital

Brentwood has completed a digital upgrade of the two way radio system at St Clements Hospital in Ipswich to help improve safety and communication across the site.

The hospital, which houses community mental health and psychiatric services as well as the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust’s Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion Team, is spread across two premises, Foxhall House and Chilton House.

Staff at the hospital have long used two way radios to stay in touch across both premises. Much of the care provided at the hospital involves vulnerable adults and young people and safety of patients and staff alike is of prime importance at all times.

Workers were, however, regularly finding problems with signal drop out when they tried to make calls as the existing analogue handsets struggled to cope with the distances involved when staff needed to communicate across the two premises.

Management therefore turned to Brentwood to ask if we could suggest a more reliable solution that would guarantee good coverage at all times.

Wide range radio

Due to more efficient signal output, digital two way radio provides a better network range than analogue, so our first recommendation was for the hospital to upgrade to digital handsets.

But to guarantee the coverage required and ensure all critical calls got through without interference or signal break up, we also advised management to purchase and install a repeater unit to further boost coverage.

The handsets we supplied were from the Motorola DP4400e range. Over the years, Motorola has been at the forefront of pioneering digital technology in two way radio and its most recent E-series represents its most technologically advanced devices yet.

Keeping the classic no-display design and push-to-talk user controls of traditional two way radio, the DP4400e is in every other respect a thoroughly modern handset. Boasting enhanced signal range and digital noise cancellation for premium audio quality, it also includes features such as WiFi integration, Bluetooth and GPS location tracking. It can be used to make private as well as group calls, and comes with safety protocols including an emergency alert button and lone worker monitoring programmed as standard.

Repeaters boost two way radio coverage by separating out send and receive signals to further increase efficiency. The unit we supplied to St Clements was a Motorola SLR5500, a cutting edge digital repeater that we paired with an antenna system to ensure all users get excellent reception wherever they happen to be on site.

If you are finding your old analogue two way radio system is not quite cutting it for the coverage you need, get in touch with us today on 01245 403520 to find out more about upgrading to digital.

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