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Two Way Radio Repair, Servicing and Maintenance

To maintain the lifespan of your radios, it is important to ensure you have your radios regularly serviced.

As well as offering two way radios for sale, we offer expert two way radio repair and service plans. This comes in three key options: Fixed Price Repair, Service Visit, and Radiocare.

As always, we are committed to providing you with the best two way radio service and repairs. Handled by our highly qualified, best in class engineers, you can expect the best results.

Contact us today to explore which radio servicing option is best for your business requirements or if you want to submit a repair.

Fixed Price Repair

Fixed Price Repair

Receive a FREE quotation with all repair costs agreed in advance, including labour, spare parts and return delivery – anywhere in the UK. We offer several packages to cover all bases and we can advise on which is best for your radios. Our two way radio repair shop prices are fixed at £59 for unlicensed radio repairs, £69 for licensed radio repairs, and £95 for digital radio repairs.
Service Visit

Service Visit

Benefit from having our highly experienced and knowledgeable Technical Engineers onsite to assist with all elements of your radio servicing needs. For a one-off cost of £520, you can take advantage of general repairs and replacement of parts, coverage checks, user training, and more. Rather than sending all of your equipment to us, we’ll come to you.


Cover your radios with our Radiocare Package and you can avoid unexpected repair bills when your equipment needs radio servicing. For £7.00 per radio a month, we will provide you with free loan radios, telephone support, and free shipping, giving you confidence in your communication system.

Fixed Price Repair

Our Fixed Price two way radio repair service offers a free quotation, which includes labour, parts and return delivery. For an additional fee, we can collect your two way radios for repair.

Repairs will be carried out only by our highly qualified engineers using only original parts and industry-standard testing equipment. This means your two way radios always receive the highest level of attention from us.

We repair unlicensed two way radios, licensed two way radios, and a variety of brands, including Motorola, Kenwood, Hytera, Icom and Entel.

Even if you think your two way radio repair is impossible, give us a call. Our engineers have used their expertise to successfully repair a radio dropped from a considerable height into mud, and incredibly a radio run over by a hefty truck.

Repairs and Servicing are carried out in our onsite two way radio repair workshop. Replacement batteries, antennas, and belt clips are not included in the fixed price and will incur extra charges.

  • Includes:

    • If your equipment requires a service or you just want it tested, this is the option for you!

    • Unlicensed Radios We Repair Include

      • Motorola

        • XT420
        • XT460
      • Hytera

        • AP515LF
        • BD505LF
        • BP515LF
      • Kenwood

        • TK3501
        • TK3701D
        • PD365 LF
        • PKT-23
      • Icom

        • IC-F24SR
        • IC-F27SR
      • Lugra

        • LT5100LF
        • LT6100LF
        • Evoke 446
    • Analogue Licensed Radios We Repair Include

      • Motorola

        • R2
        • DP1400
      • Hytera

        • AP515
        • AP585
      • Icom

        • IC-F1000
        • IC-F1000T
        • IC-F1000S
        • IC-F2000
        • IC-F2000T
        • IC-F2000S
      • Lugra

        • Evoke
        • LT5100A
        • LT6100A
    • Digital Licensed Radios We Repair Include

      • Motorola

        • DP1400
        • DP2400
        • DP2400e
        • DP2600
        • DP2600e
        • DP3400
        • DP3441
        • DP3441e
        • DP3600
        • DP3661e
        • DP4400
        • DP4400e
        • DP4401e
        • DP4600
        • DP4600e
        • DP4601e
        • DP4800
        • DP4800e
        • DP4801e
        • SL2600
        • SL4000
        • Mototrbo Ion
        • EVX-S24
      • Hytera

        • NX-1200DE3
        • NX-1300DE3
        • R2
        • R7 FKP
        • R7 NKP
        • R7a
        • PD365
        • PD565
        • PD605
        • PD605G
        • PD665
        • PD665G
        • PD685
        • PD685G
        • PD705G
        • PD715 EX
        • PD785
        • PD785G
        • PD795 EX
        • DP1400
        • DP2400
        • DP2600
        • DP3441
        • DP4401
        • DP4401 EX
        • DP4600
        • DP4601
        • DP4801
        • DP4801 EX
        • SL1600
      • Kenwood

        • NX-3220E
        • NX-3320E
        • NX-3220E2
        • NX-3320E2
        • NX-3220E3
        • NX-3320E3
      • Hytera

        • BD505
        • BD615
        • BP515
        • BP565
        • HP505
        • HP565
        • HP605
        • HP685
        • HP705
        • HP785
        • PD405
        • PD485
        • PD505
        • PD760
        • TLK110
      • Icom

        • IC-F3400DT
        • IC-F3400DS
        • IC-F4400DT
        • IC-F4400DS
        • IC-F4400D
      • Lugra

        • LT5100D
        • LT6100D
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    Service Visit

    Get your own dedicated Technical Engineer onsite to address all your radio needs. With no need to send your equipment to us, you can keep your equipment onsite for ease and use.

    Your engineer can carry out a range of radio servicing including:

    • General repairs and replacement of parts
    • Testing of radios and batteries
    • Site coverage checks
    • User training of your radios for your staff
    • Anything else you require help with

    Get this dedicated expertise and radio servicing for your business all included in one cost.

    Radiocare Maintenance Package

    With a low monthly payment of £7 per radio, you can avoid unexpected two way radio repair costs. The payment covers all repairs for manufacturer defects, normal wear and tear, and accidental damage. Collection and delivery fees are also included. Please note that battery replacement, re-casing, and beyond economical repairs are not covered.

    Unlimited Free Loan Radios are included in the care plan. If your two way radio repair must be carried out off-site, we will provide you with loan radios, pre-programmed to work with the rest of your system. This will allow you to avoid any downtime or inconvenience because of two way radio repairs.

    As part of the Radiocare Maintenance Package, you also have access to our technical experts to help you with any technical or non-technical radio through our telephone support, between Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

    To discuss which two way radio repair approach is best for your business, contact us today.

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    Repairs and Servicing Contact Form

    • In order to book in your repair, please complete our Repair Returns Form. After clicking submit, you will receive a copy of your information via email.

      Please print the completed information and send in along with your radios to us at:

      FAO: Service Manager
      Brentwood Communications Ltd
      Eaton House, Great North Road
      Eaton Socon, St Neots
      PE19 8EG

      Please note: If you are sending in radios, please, where possible, return them with their batteries and antennas.

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    • PO Number or a Card/BACS payment is required before we can carry out any repairs.

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    • Please add a row below for each radio that is being sent in for repair. Add the Serial Number, the current issue with the equipment and also note whether it is being sent in with its Battery, Antenna or Belt Clip so we can ensure everything is current upon arrival.

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