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Two Way Radio Tunnel Communications
The Benefits
  • Reliable Coverage
  • Sturdy, Resilient, Water-resistant
  • Clarity of Sound
  • Noise-Cancellation
  • Intelligent Audio
  • Private Calling
  • Emergency Alarm
  • Emergency Features
  • GPS Tracking
  • Enhanced battery life

Reliable Radio Communication in Tunnels

To conform to the latest safety legislation, construction employees working on tunnel construction projects must be able to communicate in an emergency from anywhere on-site. Full radio coverage is obligatory, whether employees are working at ground level, or within deep tunnel space. The need for reliable radio communication in tunnels is critical to both productivity and employee safety.

At Brentwood Communications, we supply advanced two way digital radios, and repeater units. This means your tunnel communication system has the ability to overcome the most awkward terrain, both above and below ground. For example, we often use Motorola SLR5500  repeaters, which have the ability to improve and expand tunnel radio coverage at all times in the harshest conditions. Once they receive the incoming radio signals, they’re able to broadcast them at a higher wattage without delaying the transmission. This ability to provide uninterrupted coverage for radio communication in tunnels ensures efficiency throughout your team whenever you need to relay information.

Radios we recommend

Trusted Tunnel Radio

We help to strategically position the repeater units throughout the site and interlink them using cables. This arrangement boosts the radio transmissions uniformly across all levels, including underground. It’s here we enhance coverage by skilfully placing repeater antennas along the length of the tunnels, creating a flawless tunnel communication system. Having perfect reception across all working areas means any radio user can send an alarm in an emergency using their two way radio. This is the perfect solution for lone workers or when your team are out of view on-site, providing the ability to check in and ensure their safety.

By hiring or buying your tunnel radio equipment from Brentwood Communications, your managers and workers can liaise and collaborate reliably at the touch of a button (and at reduced cost). We offer a fast and efficient service, supplying the latest digital radiosrepeater units and accessories from the most reputable manufacturers, across every continent of the world.

The high-performance tunnel radio systems we provide are simple to use and durable for their environment. Tough tunnel radios can operate for long shifts without the need to recharge their battery too, providing peace of mind for workers that they won’t be left unable to communicate during their shift.

Features for Radio Communication in Tunnels

  • Improved and expanded radio coverage at all times in the harshest conditions with noise cancellation and intelligent audio.
  • Experience perfect reception across all working areas, meaning any radio user can send an emergency alarm if need be.
  • Lone worker and Man Down enable further support in an emergency.
  • Private calling to communicate between two users as well as increased calling capacity.
  • Clarity of sound even when exposed to the elements, with two way radios being waterproof and highly robust.
  • Long battery life for extended use during long shifts.

To find out more about our tunnel radio communications, please contact the team today. With over 45 years’ experience, we have specialised in helping various sectors receive the service and support they need. Whether you need to purchase or hire or require service or maintenance, the team at Brentwood are ready to help when you need us.

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