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Lone Worker Two Way Radios

Safeguards vulnerable individuals with an automatic alert system.

Many people are working alone in situations where they’re often at risk from work-related verbal abuse, violence, accidents, illness or injury.

It’s vital you’re able to monitor the safety of these vulnerable employees. According to the Office of National Statistics there are four million lone workers in the UK, and about 160 lone workers get attacked every day!

The lone worker feature requires the radio user to press their PTT button (on the side of the radio) at pre-determined intervals. If the worker does not check in at the expected time, they’re initially reminded by an audio warning on their radio. If they still do not acknowledge they’re OK (again within a set time), an emergency alarm will alert their colleagues or controller. This could be in various forms such as a pre-recorded voice message, text or an audible tone.

The lone worker feature is perfect for all potential volatile and dangerous situations such as street wardens and security staff. Protect your employees today and call us on 01245 403520 to discuss how lone worker can provide piece of mind for you and your staff.

Benefits Of The Lone Worker Two Way Radios Feature

  • Emergency alarm quickly alerts colleagues of a user in danger

  • Perfect for all workers in a potential volatile or dangerous situations

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