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Lone Worker Feature and Two Way Radios

Safeguard vulnerable individuals with an automatic lone worker alarm system.

Many people are working alone in situations where they’re often at risk from work-related verbal abuse, violence, accidents, illness, or injury. If they are not equipped with a lone worker device, these risks can increase unnecessarily.

It’s vital you’re able to monitor the safety of these vulnerable employees using lone worker protection. According to the Office of National Statistics, there are four million lone workers in the UK. When you consider about 160  of these lone workers are attacked every day, the importance of lone worker solutions to avoid this happening to you your staff is vital.

At Brentwood Communications, we provide many sectors with the lone worker feature providing employee  safety that cannot be understated.   A simple yet an extremely effective solution from two way radios.

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Lone Worker Monitoring Made Simple

The lone worker feature requires the radio user to press their PTT button (on the side of the radio) at pre-determined intervals. If the worker does not check in at the expected time by pressing the lone worker button, they’re initially reminded by an audio warning on their radio. If they still do not acknowledge they’re OK (again within a set time), an emergency alarm will alert their colleagues or controller. This could be in various forms such as a pre-recorded voice message, text, or an audible tone.

The lone worker feature is perfect for all potential volatile and dangerous situations such as street wardens,  security staff and construction workers. Protect your employees and contact us today to discuss how the lone worker feature can provide peace of mind for you and your staff.


  • Emergency lone worker alarm quickly alerts colleagues of a user in danger
  • Perfect for all workers in potentially volatile or dangerous situations
  • Provide staff with a simple yet effective solution to stay safe
  • Lone worker feature ensures all staff are checked in with regularly

Find Out More About the Lone Worker System

Safety is a priority for all individuals at work, none more so than those who work alone for extended periods unsupervised. There are many dangerous situations a lone worker can find themselves in, and without an effective way to communicate for help when needed, can escalate quickly. Even the most experienced staff member can find themselves in an unexpected situation, so activating the lone worker feature is the best way to provide safety. It’s just one of many innovative features we help our clients integrate, ensuring not only do they have the latest digital radios, but also those from the leading manufacturers including Motorola, Hytera and Kenwood.

Along with lone worker two way radios, at Brentwood Communications we have bodycams that can provide further safety and act as a deterrent. Having both as part of your employee’s standard equipment can ensure confidence when working alone and during unsociable hours. Help protect your vulnerable staff members with the latest technological advancements in radio communications today.

Benefits Of The Lone Worker Feature and Two Way Radios Feature

  • Emergency alarm quickly alerts colleagues of a user in danger

  • Perfect for all workers in a potential volatile or dangerous situations

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