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Radio Fire Alarm Integration

Link your building’s fire alarm to your radio system – vastly improving safety and efficiency.

You can expect a faster response when you link your building’s fire alarm to your two way radio system and in many industries this is beneficial. When you need guaranteed safety for workers, radio fire alarm integration in buildings is important, for example on construction sites where construction services are working all day and leaving equipment overnight. A fire could occur anytime, so it’s better to be safe and covered incase of these unexpected emergencies.

As you can imagine, these radio fire alarms enable fire services to send out firefighters to the scene of a fire as quickly as possible, resulting in more time for the emergency to be stopped. It’s well worth investing in radio link fire alarm systems, of course depending on your industry. There are a range of radio fire alarm manufacturers to consider, so you won’t be stuck for choice.

How Do Radio Link Fire Alarm Systems Work?

Whenever a fire alarm activates, the system software matches the alarm requirements to the fire personnel on duty in the particular zone. The radio controlled fire alarm system automatically alerts the fire group on their radios by dispatching a text message. If the selected team doesn’t acknowledge the call-out; the system notifies back-up personnel in order of priority – escalating the alarm until it’s managed.

The fire alarm radio communicator and fire alarm radio transmitter, along with the radio fire alarm box all work together to warn the professionals when a fire is in close proximity. This fire alarm radio communicator system will keep you safe and can be relied on. We recommend an EMS radio fire alarm, it works well within an EMS radio fire alarm system.

Advantages of Radio Link Fire Alarm Systems

An advantage of radio link fire alarm systems is, your staff no longer need to waste precious time returning to the control panel to assess the scale of an emergency. There’s also less dependency on control room operators to monitor fire alarms, so they can focus on other high-priority activities.

By integrating your two way radios to your building’s fire alarm, you can be sure the right people will respond at the right time, when you need them most. If you invest in efficiency, it will save you time in the long run and individuals on the go can use radio controlled fire alarms.

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