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Motorola Breaks the Mould with Radical New Two Way Radio Design featured image

Motorola Breaks the Mould with Radical New Two Way Radio Design

Leading two way radio manufacturer Motorola has broken new ground in two way radio with a new design which redefines how we think about mobility.

The brand new CLK446 and CLK446 Plus models – now available from Brentwood – can be described as the first ‘wearable’ two way radios, designed to be worn about the person rather than be carried like a traditional handheld radio.

At just 68g, the CLK units push the concept of slimline and lightweight to new levels. But what is truly innovative about this ultra compact model is how it is intended to be carried. Coming with a magnetic belt clip as standard, it can also be paired with optional extra accessories such as a lapel clip, a lanyard, a wrist strap for wearing like a watch, or an arm band.

These choices mean the CLK range offers the ultimate in flexibility and convenience, perfect for two way radio users who don’t want to have to keep fishing their device out of a holster or a pocket, or else have it in hand permanently. It also means the CLKs are incredibly discreet, and their stylish ergonomic design will fit in well with any professional dress code.

Stripped back intuitive controls

To make such a convenient to carry model, Motorola had to rethink the construction and control options of a standard two way radio. The oblong shape of the CLKs is radically different to the usual cuboid block, as is the stripped down, front facing control panel. With just a speaker and microphone, a Push-to-Talk button, power and menu keys, an LED display and volume buttons, the Motorola Two Way Radio CLKs pare back what is required to operate a two way radio to the bare essentials, and as a result they deliver brilliantly straightforward, intuitive use.

In terms of differences between the two models, the CLK446 is an unlicensed 8 channel radio, operating on the free to use 446MHz frequencies in any location. The CLK446 Plus, on the other hand, is a licensed radio with 20 available channels, making it better suited to larger teams with more users on the airwaves at once.

Both models have a functional range of 7,400 sq ft, which is roughly equivalent to six stories of an average office building. The CLK446 Plus, however, is compatible with repeater units, meaning it can be used in networks with much greater coverage areas.

Despite their small size, both models are built to last, with a tough polycarbonate casing which meets Military Standards 810 C, D, E, F and G for temperature shock, vibration and humidity resistance, and also comes with a handy antimicrobial coating for sanitation and hygiene. The CLK446 has a battery life of 10 hours while the CLK Plus, with a slightly higher power output, lasts around nine hours on a single charge.

Both support VOX hands free voice activation, voice navigation through settings, plus they come with Customer Programmable Software, so users can programme their own voice prompts for each channel.

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For the past 40 years, Brentwood has been at the cutting edge of two way radio technology, stocking and supplying the very latest models, and applying our vast experience to turn the latest technologies into outstanding solutions for our customers.

To find out more about our product range, please contact us today on 01245 403520.

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