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How Do I Apply for an Ofcom Two Way Radio Licence?

You can apply directly for a licence on Ofcom’s website, or if you’d prefer, we can apply for a radio licence on your behalf. We will handle all the paperwork, allowing us to receive copies of all Ofcom notices sent to you so we can manage the process. However, the licence will remain in your name.

Can I Get Radio Licensing for The Hire of Radios Outside the UK?

If you are looking to hire radios for use outside of the UK, you will require a radio license from the country you intend to use the equipment in. We are happy to assist with any applications that are required to do so.

Do I Need an Ofcom Radio Licence?

Yes, if you use a radio system for your business in the UK, you need to hold a valid, in-date Ofcom two way radio licence. This will ensure that the operation of your radios is always legal and that you always experience minimal interference.

Are There Any Exceptions?

Unless you are using licence-free radios, which are usually small, low-powered radios, you are required by law to hold an Ofcom radio licence.

What Kind of Ofcom Radio Licence Do I Need?

Most businesses will require a Simple UK or Simple Site licence, which covers local on-site communications. If you are using a wide variety of business radio equipment, you will need a Technically Assigned licence instead. An Area Defined licence is needed if you are looking to cover a wide area. Please note, costs can vary for these licence types.

What Happens If I Don’t Have an Ofcom Radio Licence?

If you are caught operating a radio without a valid Ofcom radio licence, you can face a large fine or even jail time. Not having a licence will also mean you will experience a lot of interference on your radios and overall a poorer quality service.

Example of an Ofcom Notice of Licence Revocation: “It is an offence under Section 8 of the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 to establish, install or use wireless telegraphy stations or apparatus without a valid licence. On conviction, the maximum penalties for an offence under that section are two years’ imprisonment and an unlimited fine.”

How Long Will It Take to be Issued with a New Radio Licence?

Business Radio Technically Assigned and Area Defined licences are usually issued within 42 days from the date that the completed application is received. Please keep this in mind as Ofcom cannot guarantee you will receive the radio licence sooner than this.

How Is My Ofcom Radio Licence Fee Calculated?

All Business radio licence products, including Simple UK and Simple Site licences, cost £75 for a five-year term. The licence fees for Business Radio Technically Assigned and Area Defined products are calculated by considering the technical details that you specify when making an application.

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