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BC Amplifier

  • BC Amplifier

    • Boost of up to 100db system gain
    • Boost of up to 100db system gain
    • Contains two radios to support two bands simultaneously
    • Range of antenna types available
    • IP66 water and dust ingress rating
    • Unconditionally Network Safe
    • Cel-Fi WAVE software compatible, including mobile app
  • BC Amplifier X

    • Scalable active DAS hybrid solution
    • High power and high gain solution, without risk of desensitizing the network
    • Low cost per sq ft installation
    • Self-configuring and self-optimizing
    • Cel-Fi WAVE software and app compatible
    • Eight-position directional Panel Antenna
    • Small cell interface
Weight (grams)850g
Dimensions (LxWxH)272.5mm x 96.5mm x 43.5mm
Power9.6 - 16.5V, 2A current draw, 16W nominal power consumption
InstallationMounting hardware included
DC Power Plug and JackNEMA 4 rated power plugs and jack
Radio PerformanceThe Cel-Fi Go system can boost up to two (2) bands concurrently. Either profile can be selected: A) One (1) High band boost and one (1) low band boost or B) Two (2) high bands boost

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IntroductionBC AmplifierBC Amplifier X
Struggling to combat mobile signal drop out in your premises? Introducing two premium business class solutions from Nextivity, the Cel-Fi GO-X and Cel-Fi Quatra 1000.

For the modern business, reliable mobile coverage is essential. From supporting staff using mobile devices at work to providing adequate coverage for customers to running the ever-expanding range of IoT endpoints that rely on cellular, mobile connectivity has become a must for operational efficiency and for delivering the highest standards of service.

However, buildings do not always support good signal coverage. In the age of energy efficient construction standards, office blocks, schools, hospitals, retail outlets and industrial units are built to conserve heat by stopping it from escaping. Unfortunately, this also makes it difficult for the radio frequencies on which mobile communications rely to penetrate into and move around indoor spaces.

The BC Amplifier provides two cost effective, high performance solutions to this problem. Easy to install and configure, they take advantage of new Ofcom regulations introduced in 2018 which remove the need to buy a license for indoor mobile signal enhancing equipment.

As a result, improving mobile coverage in your premises is now more affordable than ever.

The BC Amplifier is a smart signal booster classified as the highest-performing, most powerful and safest product in its class. Designed for indoor environments ranging from office buildings and warehouses to heavy industry, it provides unparalleled increases in signal gain, ensuring a larger mobile signal footprint than any other comparable product available.

Quick and straightforward to deploy, the BC Amplifier comprises a donor antenna placed on the outside of the building, a signal boosting unit and server antennae to distribute the boosted signal around the inside of the premises. It is suitable for increasing both 3G and 4G signals and can support two distinct bands simultaneously.

Each  unit is configured for one mobile network provider, e.g. Three, O2, EE and so on. Multiple units can be run alongside each other to provide boosted signal for more than one network, and connected networks can easily be switched using BC WAVE software.

The BC Amplifier comes with an IP66 rating which protects it against the risk of dust, dirt and water getting into the hardware. External equipment is also protected against ice forming on the exterior.

Rather than acting as a signal booster, the BC Amplifier X is an alternative to a distributed antenna system (DAS) and therefore intended for very large buildings and complexes. Whereas DAS systems are expensive and can take weeks and perhaps even months to install because of the reliance on cabling, the BC Amplifier X can be deployed in a matter of hours and managed thereafter via the BC WAVE platform, requiring only basic IT skills.

The simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the BC Amplifier X is based on the fact that its different components plug into each other like standard IT equipment, using everyday ethernet connections. A system comprises a BC network unit, which can power up to four coverage units to distribute signal around a building. Each network unit can provide coverage up to 50,000 sq ft.

Network units are also connected to a  MIMO Panel Antenna, which picks up signal from external cellular networks. This high gain directional antenna has an eight-position aiming mount for targeted adjustments and can be mounted on walls, ceilings or on a pole for maximum flexibility.

The BC Amplifier can also be integrated with small cell networks, allowing for further expansion of capabilities in scenarios where local networks have already been created to increase coverage and availability, for example on hospital and education campuses. It is designed to be a self-configuring and self-optimising system, with initial deployment, performance monitoring and diagnostics all carried out via the WAVE platform.

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